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From Volume 5, Issue Number 19 of EIR Online, Published May 9, 2006

LYM Intervention: Felix and his Fascist Infrastructure Policy
by Myles Robinson
LaRouche Youth Movement

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 2 (EIRNS)—On Tuesday, April 25, sixty members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) deployed at the Reagan Center in Washington, D.C., in order to drastically shape the environment that was soon to be welcoming one Felix Rohatyn.

Formerly of the Paris-based Lazard Frères banking house, the same banking establishment that funded the Nazi Party, Rohatyn is now involved in attempting to co-opt Lyndon LaRouche's influence in the Democratic Party, specifically, yet not solely, the revival of Franklin Roosevelt's legacy implicit in Nancy Pelosi's post-Katrina address at Harvard University, where she announced a qualitative shift in policy known as the "Innovation Agenda." Why has the "Innovation Agenda" lay dormant ever since, while the economic situation continues to deteriorate? Look no further than the wolf in sheep's clothing, the nominal "Democrat," Felix Rohatyn, who's been out to steer the Democratic Party away from FDR and LaRouche since the 1970s, in order to ensure that the last 60-odd years of a synarchist-orchestrated collapse of the American nation-state unfolds according to plan.

Luckily his attempts at subverting infrastructure policy towards a financier-run dictatorship, that would build nothing more than his own personal bankroll, has not been uncontested. Opposition has come in many forms—mainly, if not solely, from the work of the LaRouche movement—and the LYM has been on the front lines, distributing the exposés that are turning Rohatyn into a household name, and intervening at his feeble public attempts to sell his disguised fascism to confused Democrats.

At this event, held at the American Society of Civil Engineers, the LYM was in full force, singing beautiful canons, reworded to expose Rohatyn's scandalous past, and well-dressed agents who managed to penetrate the sterile conference, despite its $900-a-plate entrance fee.

The intervention started before the event, both with the buzz created by our music, signs, and discussions outside, and with a chance run-in with Felix himself. Meghan Rouillard ran into Rohatyn as he entered, and promised him: "After the distribution of the current EIR and the LaRouche webcast (April 27), no Democrat will want to touch you ever again." Rohatyn groaned, and ran off into the protected environment of the event, safely guarded by a $900 price tag.

Danny Makrides, the LYM member inside the event, reported that just as Rohatyn was being introduced, a beautiful chorus welcomed him to the podium with a stunning rendition of "Felix ain't no Democrat, he's a Nazi" followed by the West Coast classic "Rotten Rohatyn." The chorus was not as well received as we deservedly should have been; in fact we were told to leave the building, which we did while singing, producing an eerie fade effect inside.

Rohatyn's self-promoting address started with a five-minute rant on how successful his dictatorship of New York was, known widely as Big MAC, and how a similar method was needed to fix the nation today, without any mention of the proven method of Roosevelt. This obvious fallacy did no go unchallenged as Makrides asked Rohatyn the final question, saying he was amazed that Rohatyn would "cite 'Big MAC' as a way to fix infrastructure, when it is known that 'Big MAC' relocated minorities from the city, and generally destroyed the standard of living of normal working people." Rohatyn was then asked where he stood on LaRouche's infrastructure plans, to which he mumbled feebly, "Difference of opinion."

Myles Robinson approached Rohatyn as he was leaving the event and asked him: "So Felix, do you think the Democrats are really going to buy into your fascist plot to dictate America's infrastructure projects?" "We'll have to see," was his limp reply. Stunned at this response, Robinson continued by briefing Rohatyn on everything that the Democratic Party now knows; namely, Rohatyn's role in the Pinochet coup and Operation Condor in the Southern Cone, where Rohatyn worked along side his Republican Party counterpart, fascist financier George Shultz, and Rohatyn's push to privatize our military using the Nazi Allgemeine SS as a neo-feudal model. The exchange lasted a few minutes and ended with the repeated proclamation: "You're done! You're done!" The potency of our intervention was obvious, and most assuredly caught that little R(oh)AT(yn) off guard.

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