From Volume 5, Issue Number 21 of EIR Online, Published May 23, 2006

This Week You Need To Know

The Governments Are Collapsing
The Cities of the Plain
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

During the second quarter of 2006, entire chunks of the world became, conspicuously, subjects of an accelerating and spreading pattern of collapse among leading and other governments. The most notable examples include the Blair government of the United Kingdom, the Chirac government of France, and the Bush-Cheney government in the United States. This global calamity is now spreading, most notably, throughout the rest of western and central Europe.

There is no possibility that coincidence in this pattern is merely statistical; the timing and pace of this spreading pattern of current governments which are now in a state of virtual existential crisis, around more and more of the world, is a reflection of the onrushing disintegration of the present form of global monetary-financial system. In other words, these are not as much individual cases as they represent symptoms of a dynamic process of interaction within a global system of self-destruction. This is a process which is typical of the fag-end of the recent decades' drive toward globalization.

Unless that current process is stopped, soon, by a radical change from the presently ongoing system, the presently onrushing wave of collapse would have to be considered as already at the verge of taking over the nations of this planet as a whole. This expresses an economic degeneration of the planet's economy under the influence of post-industrial and related ideology, an ideology which is collapsing the physical-economic "carrying capacity" of the planet. The result is: unless this recent trend of nearly forty years in "post-industrial" economic policies, is now reversed, the planet as a whole is being plunged, rapidly, into what will become a global "new dark age," That is to say: plunged into depths of depression of population-levels and standards of existence which fit the meaning of barbarism....

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