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Time Is Running Out for the U.S.A.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 22, 2006

The seemingly incredible anarchy and reckless disregard for reality within the Democratic Party's Senate contingent, will cause knowledgeable U.S. citizens, and foreign observers, to wonder if the U.S.A. will still be a functioning nation at the close of this calendar year. Since mid-February of this year, there is very little within the Democratic caucus in the Senate which resembles the lovely quality of leadership which that same caucus showed on—many, but not all—crucial issues of the time, during 2005.

At the center of this breakdown-crisis in the Democratic Party's national leadership, is the complicity of many leading members in accepting the pressure of the Synarchist International's Felix Rohatyn et al. Since mid-February of this year, many among those members have evaded, stubbornly, repeatedly, my warnings, now fully confirmed, that negligence in the matter of immediate rescue of the machine-tool-design capacity lodged within our auto industry, would create an existential threat to the continued existence of the U.S.A. as a first-rank nation of the world. Now, with recent developments within the auto industry itself, the global monetary-financial system has been careening, obviously into an onrushing, global breakdown crisis of the world economy.

Obviously, as any qualified sociologist would assess the patterns of behavior in the Senate itself, the problem with the Senate is a reflection, at least in very large part, of some very rotten backroom deals. To the Classical historian, the vividly visible deals in view have the smell of the Sophistry of Pericles' Athens, when it elected to perpetrate that genocide against its ally, the island of Melos, which turned out to be the beginning of that self-destruction of Classical Greece called the Peloponnesian War.

A leading, crucial part in this has been the continuing refusal of leading elements of the Senate to resist what Felix Rohatyn and his Synarchist international cronies have plainly stated, repeatedly, as their intention to destroy the sovereignty of our republic. A destruction of our republic, which the Rohatyn representing the Nazi legacy of World War II veteran Lazard Frères and Lazard's Bilderberger-style cronies, promotes to the declared advantage of a medieval-like system of so-called "globalized" empire, is like that which collapsed into Europe's Fourteenth-Century New Dark Age: a folly worse than treason against the very existence of our republic.

From many leading quarters of our present political establishment, the reply to me often seems to be: "You may be right in what you say, but, for that very reason, I am jumping ship now!" It is as if the members of an army which sees itself as already defeated, simply ran in an act of random mass-desertion, leaving no leader behind to negotiate the terms of surrender. The high-ranking leaders, the political generals, regimental commanders, and the like, have, mostly, deserted the field of battle, leaving their abandoned legions to deal, anarchically, with the thus-created chaos as they might.

So, we have the disgusting spectacle in the circles of the Democratic Leadership Council and its fellow-travellers.

The recent meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Council is to be viewed against that historical backdrop. The majority of the human race, as now represented by that Council and its friends represented at that meeting, has written off the continued existence of the U.S.A. as a lost cause. They are convinced by the behavior of the President and the majority of the elected opposition in the U.S. government, that the U.S.A. will not, and therefore can not save itself from self-inflicted destruction. The other nations, the intended survivors of this hecatomb, are trying to stay out of the way of the onrushing general breakdown crisis, while making plans for a new future for the surviving majority of mankind. The assumption that Eurasia, for example, might outlive the presently accelerating, physical collapse of the U.S. economy, is a poorly founded assumption. If the United States goes down, as the present U.S. leadership seems dead set on doing, it is doubtful that the rest of the planet would escape an ensuing, planetary new dark age.

To whose advantage are we being, thus, so awfully betrayed? We are betrayed by those, such as Rohatyn's Synarchist financier cronies, who hate the United States, and especially its Constitutional tradition so much, that they would rather destroy the planet than live on a planet governed by the tradition of 1776. There is a realm, like that of Adolf Hitler, so evil that it lies in a domain far, far beyond mere treason. That is where the international cronies of Rohatyn and the Synarchists' Bilderberger cronies of radical Anglo-Dutch Liberalism lie today.

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