From Volume 5, Issue Number 28 of EIR Online, Published July 11, 2006

This Week You Need To Know

Here are LaRouche's closing remarks to the EIR Berlin Seminar of June 27, titled, "For a New Bretton Woods System."

Russia, China, Eurasia, and Mankind's Future

The reality is this: Look at the situation in Eurasia. Now, I'm very strong on Eurasia, because I believe that what has happened in this sense, in Germany, in the relationship of Germany to Russia, and the relationship of Germany to the SCO, to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and similar nations, is decisive in its potential for the world. The problem is that we can not, without a change in the United States to get back to something like a Bretton Woods system, we can not possibly create the kind of reorganization of the present world financial system, needed to do what can be done.

Now, Russia has two characteristics which are completely misunderstood. Vernadsky did understand it implicitly, but not completely. But what he did, because in his proof of the principle of the Biosphere, which is a very crucial scientific proof—one of the highest qualities of proof, with a very difficult subject to attack, which was not unknown at that time—but what he did, was actually go through this in a thorough way, with his fellow-scientists to develop a conception of the Biosphere, which changes man's conception of the organization of the universe. So, Vernadsky was a universal mind, with his own personal complications, but a universal mind. He was not a Communist. He was an anti-Bolshevik, but he was a Russian patriot. And Stalin treated him as a Russian patriot, which is why Stalin protected him against the members of the party. Because, Stalin said, "Don't be a fool. This man is a Russian patriot. Let him do his work."...

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