From Volume 5, Issue Number 30 of EIR Online, Published July 25, 2006

Latest From The Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement

The Week of Action: LaRouche vs. Rohatyn
by Frank Mathis and Maria Channon, LaRouche Youth Movement

As the planet is being stricken with a worldwide Pericles' Athens syndrome, many among us take a linear, Euclidean approach to the events playing out around us. However, the ostensible build-up of "bad news," becomes less obscure, when one begins to understand the situation in the way that Lyndon LaRouche does. The method of identifying the underlying forces causing our Congress to leave their balls behind in the doctor's office (from which they received a relevant amount of Viagra instead), and the method of diagnosing every individual problem as a function of a superseding process of global disintegration, is the truthful, unique quality of problem-solving that LaRouche understands. This is the method he used to identify Felix Rohatyn, in his July 20 webcast (and previous webcasts), as not only a major culprit in the forced collapse of American industrial capacity, but how that action also reflects Rohatyn's Nazi roots.

During a Week of Action in Washington, D.C. on July 17-23, the LaRouche Youth Movement's (LYM's) task was to exterminate the political influence of this Nazi, who has slipped his way into the Democratic Party through the back door, causing a dangerous inaction in the Congress; a lack of response to LaRouche's Emergency Recovery Act; and a lack of movement to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney—not to mention an acceptance of the general world economic collapse. This mobilization will continue in the weeks ahead....

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