From Volume 5, Issue Number 31 of EIR Online, Published Aug. 1, 2006

Latest From The Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement


by Abdul-Aliy Muhammad
LaRouche Youth Movement

The governing institutions of Europe show blushing and despairing ignominy; while most 68ers show utter obstinance, as would make Denial himself bow his head in disgrace. Many deluded others would rather compose fantasia than deal with real crises on the plain. And lastly, the heads of state of Europe are running headlong into a mosh pit fitted by Rohatyn and his like, here in "Old Europe."

How do you deal with it? Well, here in Germany, that question is ever germane. The Grand-Coalition Regime of Germany, which is composed of the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, is rewriting history; according to the health-care reforms recently passed in the German Parliament, they would posit that Bismarck was a socialist. Through dismantling the very thing that defined Germany as a nation, namely the concept of the "social state," they would fling Germany back into feudalism as if a fly caught on one's shirt.

Chancellor Angela Merkel in sooth, said Germany was a "readjustment case," a polite way of saying Germany is bankrupt. But, of course, Merkel failed to state the fact that not only is Germany in dire straits, but also the whole world. Merkel's claim of Germany's bankruptcy is also a double entendre, if one reflects on the utter bankruptcy of institutions in Germany. The raising of the value-added tax by about 3%, and the fact that the European Central Bank plans to meet in August, as had never been the case before (since in August, everyone heads for vacation), shows that the relevant substance has hit the fan.

So, mundane and redundant thinking in these times is not only wrong, but can be the cause of civilization's downfall. I may have been once on the midnight train to Georgia, but I'd never willingly buy a train ticket to Hell.

The Leadership of Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The only stateswoman in Germany is Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of BueSo (the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement) and president of the Schiller Institute. Zepp-LaRouche, who has shown in her many campaigns for Chancellor, the quality of leadership necessary for Germany in these times, must be heard here in Germany, now. If you recall, in the 2002 German Parliamentary elections, Zepp-LaRouche's opposition to the policy of war, was taken up by the SPD's Gerhardt Schroeder. As today, when the euro shows itself completely ill, Zepp-LaRouche stood, the only public figure defending Germany's national sovereignty, and the only one fighting for a return to the D-mark, Germany's national currency.

It was therefore necessary for our Party and movement here in Germany to up the ante to ensure that Zepp-LaRouche's voice resonates louder than those among the rogues. With this in mind, we have inaugurated a new radio show on our German LaRouche Youth Movement website so as to give people an "uplifting experience" on a weekly basis. The German-language radio program will be streamed live, every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Germany, and will be hosted by members of the LYM. Our main objective is to recruit as many people as possible to our efforts worldwide, as our movement is playing a decisive role in the world strategic situation. Questions can be e-mailed via the German LYM website ( Let's use this show to it's fullest potential!

'There's Room for Many-a-More'

Once, in a meeting with former Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, among others, heard Lopez Portillo state that now is the time to listen to "the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche." Now, I think it's time for Germany to pay the same homage to their only stateswoman, Helga Zepp-LaRouche. As the saying goes, "We are being the change we want to see," and hopefully those frightened creatures, sometimes referred to as chronic European Boomers, will get on board "'cause there's room for many-a-more."

Our Mayoral campaign in Berlin for the September elections, has caused some explosive breakthroughs, and is of great import for our overall political flank here in Germany. Over the past months we have distributed at least 200,000 pamphlets in Berlin. Daniel Buchmann, our Mayoral candidate, has awakened a sleeping giant here in the German capital city, activating youth and others in a way that no other party has the ideas or the gumption to do. Our biweekly "Town Hall" meetings have become an open door for those who are passionate about saving Berlin and Germany more broadly. With Zepp-LaRouche's radio show now able to reach "many-a-more," we are set to accomplish great things.

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