From Volume 5, Issue Number 31 of EIR Online, Published Aug. 1, 2006

This Week You Need To Know

Why the Senate's Intelligence Has Failed: Reanimating an Actual Economy
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

July 22, 2006

Many important conclusions must be reached on the basis of the U.S. Senate's wretchedly negligent, even, as some would say, implicitly treasonous expression of cultural decadence, in permitting the Synarchist banker Felix Rohatyn's virtual destruction of the U.S.A.'s national automobile industry, with its associated, strategically crucial machine-tool capacity. While the pattern of sophistry involved in this wicked result is a reflection of the typical cultural flaws of the privileged strata from the so-called "Golden Generation," the Senate's capitulation to a known fascist enemy, its abandonment of the most essential concept of national sovereignty, in favor of the fascist Felix Rohatyn, has gone beyond folly, to, in effect, virtual, if apparently unwitting—or, should I say "witless"—treason.

As I have repeatedly emphasized, publicly, over the years, the victory which President Abraham Lincoln had led, established us as a continental power which could not be conquered by invaders, but only by corruption. Now, that treasonous corruption has ensconced itself, full blown, in the role of the circles of fascist Felix Rohatyn. The notion, on which Rohatyn insists, of subordinating the former sovereignty of the U.S.A. and other nations, to the caprices of what all leading U.S. political figures should have known, by now, as Rohatyn's stated intention to establish a new global, imperial, Venetian-style financier oligarchy. Rohatyn's action is nothing less than an act of betrayal of the sovereignty of the U.S.A.

That immoral form of intellectual performance on this account, in that chamber, was aggravated greatly by the February 2006 capitulation to the tradition of Nazi "Crown Jurist" Carl Schmitt, in the matter of the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito. This same incompetence was carried to an extreme in the Senate's panicked endorsement of an utterly foolish Israeli attack on Lebanon, not only a potentially suicidal action by the current misleaders of Israel, but an attack which could be the "Balkan War-like" spark for the early emergence of world war, this time as a virtual World War III. This now threatens to become a new world war in a new, asymmetric mode, with implications even more menacing for future civilization than the two preceding instances....

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