From Volume 5, Issue Number 32 of EIR Online, Published Aug. 8, 2006

This Week You Need To Know

Who Is Behind World War III?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 2, 2006

The renowned psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim once explained, there are some slaves who, then as now, regarded their chains and rags as ornaments to be worn with pretense of pride. Today, the slavish mind says, "Since the system will never change, we can only influence our slave-master (the predators controlling the Democratic Leadership Council or others), by trying to influence that beast from beneath, and take his donations of faith-based-initiatives money when we can." Therefore, now is the time for currently leading political figures of much of the world to stop repeating the silly sophistries of the idiots whispering at their elbows, and, instead, to face the reality of the current global situation.

Consider the following puzzle:

The policies of the current U.S. government are being dictated by those who intend to have an immediate further outbreak of war, with the objective of eliminating all national sovereignties, including that of the U.S.A., by methods of so-called "globalization." This is being directed by the international financier circles which, typified by that same past Synarchist International's Felix Rohatyn of today, are already working to destroy the U.S. from within.

What then should we say of the idiots, including leading circles in Europe, who are reporting that the present impulse toward a form of World War III characterized by nuclear-weapons-enhanced global asymmetric warfare, is an expression of "U.S. Imperialism"? Could any sane person, under these conditions, actually believe that the U.S. government, which is about to be taken over by a foreign occupying power represented by Goldman Sachs's modern copy of Hjalmar Schacht, U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson, is the imperial power behind the intent to destroy itself?

It is time to provide the relevant protective camisoles for the representatives of that brainwashed Baby-Boomer booboisie (Fr.: Bo-Bo's) who betray their foolishness by babbling the tell-tale mantra of "I don't believe in conspiracy theories."...

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