From Volume 5, Issue Number 33 of EIR Online, Published Aug.15, 2006

Latest From The Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement

LYM Takes Anti-Fascist Battle To Rohatyn's Home Turf in NYC
by Matthew Ogden, LaRouche Youth Movement

In his December 1971 debate against liberal economist Abba Lerner, Lyndon LaRouche gained notoriety among the New York synarchist financiers as the man who blew the lid off their plot to impose economic fascism on the United States. As he exposed Lerner's "Schacht without Hitler" version of Nazi economics,* he is blowing the lid again today off Felix Rohatyn's plot to use the Democratic Party to privatize the entire United States and turn it into a mere franchise of an international banking cartel. As part of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM)'s ongoing mobilization all across the country to free the Democratic Party from its folly by destroying Rohatyn politically, we returned to New York City, Rohatyn's home town, to deliver a public ass-kicking for all his neighbors to see.

On Aug. 7-9, seventeen members of the LYM engaged in mass organizing, from early morning till night, penetrating all different areas of Manhattan, blanketing downtown and midtown with literature (406 bundles distributed total), and polarizing the political environment with, especially, singing. We sang political canons, set to tunes by Mozart and Beethoven. For example:

To the tune of "Herr Ganzewitz":

There is something rotten,

Rohatyn, rotten, Rohatyn, rotten!

Democrats, you know LaRouche says so,

He's got to go, that stinking fascist


He's a Nazi, he's a Nazi,

He's a Nazi, not a Democrat.


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