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Lavrov on Iran: Breakthroughs in Negotiations Still Possible

From Volume 5, Issue Number 38 of EIR Online, Published Sept.19, 2006
Southwest Asia News Digest

Lavrov on Iran: Breakthroughs in Negotiations Still Possible

Just back from his tour of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, interviewed in the Sept. 11 issue of Vremya Novostei, turned to the latest developments around Iran. "Involving Iran in regional affairs as an equal partner," he said, could be more effective than any other measures. While sanctions against Iran are a possibility, Lavrov said, "so are breakthroughs in negotiations." While still travelling, Lavrov had strongly denounced stories that surfaced Sept. 8, to the effect that UN sanctions on Iran would mean a halt to Russia's construction work on the Busher nuclear plant in Iran. "This is not a report, but a clear provocation," he said.

In continuing Southwest Asian diplomacy by Russia, it has been announced that Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert will visit Moscow on Oct. 15, marking the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Israeli-Russian diplomatic relations.

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