From Volume 5, Issue Number 42 of EIR Online, Published Oct. 17, 2006

This Week You Need To Know

Chicago Boys' Bloody Hand Behind Cheney Campus Gestapo

by Anton Chaitkin

Strategists for a Nazi takeover of America's colleges met at the Harvard Faculty Club on Oct. 6. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), Mrs. Lynne Cheney's own squad, convened to plan the next step in their attempt to crush campus opposition to the Bush-Cheney regime.

As this report will show, Lynne Cheney's ACTA strategists are a gang bred at the University of Chicago around Leo Strauss, a project far deadlier than the street-variety Mafia killers that blackened Chicago's reputation.

- The War Is On -

The Harvard ACTA event occurred just as EIR was assembling its Oct. 13 special issue, headlined "John Train's Press Sewer: Is Goebbels on Your Campus?" EIR x-rayed the wildly anti-constitutional unified apparatus of government, private financiers, and rightist publishing units with ACTA, the David Horowitz/Daniel Pipes "Campus Watch," and other fronts.

This single apparatus is pushing for Federal and state laws for witch-hunts against dissident teachers, circulating lists of teachers to be purged, seeking to impose universally a fascist "core curriculum," and putting out campus newspapers promoting war and police-state policies.

The Harvard session was unsettled by members of the LaRouche Youth Movement, who skewered participants with questions, and flooded the hall with literature exposing John Train and the financier sponsors of the gathering. A young organizer asked George Washington University President Joel Trachtenberg, how Campus Watch would try to prevent teachers and students from working to defeat the Cheneyacs in next month's national elections. Trachtenberg and other participants responded with the big lie: We seek only to protect students from the intrusion of teachers' politics into their otherwise neutral education. But the Cheney-Train-Horowitz initiative actually means that only supporters of the Bush-Cheney lunacies are to be allowed on campuses....

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