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The Case of Poor Marcel Lefebvre:
Liberalism As Anti-Liberalism
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 17, 2006

Citizens! Your Honors! Let us recall Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth. The Liberally fascist-in-fact, Sister Lynne Cheney, is the relevant, veritably modern Lady Macbeth who virtually picked her husband out of a trash bin, is today's more appropriate example of a particular form of the evil which that pair represents, in menacing civilization globally today. It is therefore notable, that she plays that role as of a type actually much closer to the tragic figure of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, than Lefebvre's implicit defense of the post-Hitler prototype of fascism might suggest to the unwitting.

Lynne Cheney herself, who is otherwise identified as the author of her novel, Sisters, is a product of the type of patronage provided by the circles of sometime Bertrand Russell accomplice Robert M. Hutchins at Chicago University. There, she fell into the cultural sewer of Hutchins' special protégé, the Carl Schmitt-created, fascist ideologue and hoaxster, Professor Leo Strauss. There, she came to devote her permitted pretensions at scholarship to the worthless example of one of the more degenerate intellectual parasites from British literary circles of his time, Matthew Arnold. Nonetheless, despite her lack of serious scholarship, she, like Shakespeare's notorious character Lady Macbeth, has achieved a certain special kind of academic notoriety, chiefly through her picking that boorish human failure, her husband, from a rubbish-bin of history. She has made that three-penny villain, her spouse, into the image of a very wicked Golem, all this in her own attempted role as a modern Lady Macbeth....

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