From Volume 5, Issue Number 45 of EIR Online, Published Nov. 7, 2006

Latest From The Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement

Fascists Cower as LaRouche Youth Sing

by Niko D. Paulson, LaRouche Youth Movement

On the eve of a Congressional election that rivals in importance any of the recent Presidential contests, Lyndon LaRouche and his youth movement have orchestrated a national campaign strategy that has hit the enemies of the United States where they are weakest, creating the possibility for the nation to change its suicidal course at the proverbial eleventh hour.

Amidst the mounting disasters of war and economic collapse, the United States political establishment has become increasingly discredited in the eyes of people from the lower 80% of income brackets, or what FDR termed the "forgotten man." Not only is confidence in the U.S. President and Vice President in a depressed state, but also popular support for both Democrats and Republicans in Congress has reached an all-time low. This Congress's indifference to, or support for, policies which are destroying the conditions of life for the forgotten man, identifies the lack of legitimacy of the current government; no population would voluntarily support for long, an elected government whose policies disregard the welfare of its own citizens. The lack of truly patriotic leadership in Congress today, has matched, step for step, the Cheney-Bush Administration's aggressive moves toward fascism and world war; as the foot soldiers of this existential crisis march unceasingly forward, what is really at stake Nov. 7 begins to come into view. The issue is not merely a Democratic Congressional victory, nor even the immediate impeachment of Cheney and Bush. While there is a necessity for both of these tactical goals to be achieved, what ultimately must be accomplished, is a transformation in the ideas that govern the United States. A return to the actually modern tradition of Franklin Roosevelt is requisite for this country to defeat the threat of a self-inflicted new dark age today....

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