From Volume 5, Issue Number 46 of EIR Online, Published Nov. 14, 2006

Latest From The Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement

LYM Report from Los Angeles:
UCI Students Join Fight Against Campus Gestapo
by Nick Walsh

As part of its nationwide assault on the John Train/Lynne Cheney campus gestapo, LaRouche Youth Movement members from Los Angeles intervened at the University of California at Irvine in the days before the election, culminating in a wild scene with Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute, who spoke on campus Nov. 6. The key characteristic of the LYM interventions was an increased engagement of the student body itself in the political fight against the right-wing gestapo.

On Nov. 3, two LYM organizers briefed an impromptu 20-person Muslim Students Association meeting, concerning Brook's speeches calling for the mass murder of Muslims. Then, just before the Brook event, a LYM organizer spoke to 100 members of the African Student Union, telling them of Brook's views, and asking why there was such a political vacuum on the campus, including this group itself.

Early on Nov. 6, twenty LYM organizers saturated the campus with copies of the "Is Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus" pamphlets. Posters at our table attacked Governor Arnie, Lynne Cheney, and Yaron Brook. One poster featured the head of Brook (who lisps) on the body of Elmer Fudd, saying, "Be vehwy, vehwy quiet, I'm hunting Muslims."

At the noon hour, the LYM chorus sang, as organizers handed out a leaflet entitled, "Join the LaRouche Youth Movement in Ridiculing Nazi Fascist Yaron Brook Off UCI Campus!" As a result, when the event began, there were 150 people there, about two-thirds of them youth, including many Muslims—surely an unprecedented number and demographic for the Rand Society, which has only one student member on this campus! To welcome the audience, this one member began by warning that anyone who "stands up, speaks, or sings" would be immediately dragged out. This strange introduction was backed up by ten police officers, standing ready around the room, with more outside guarding the doors, and four squad cars visible near the entrance. Throughout the event, affiliates of the Rand Society youth video-recorded LYM members, and would walk over to police officers to show them photos of whom to watch....

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