From Volume 5, Issue Number 50 of EIR Online, Published Dec. 12, 2006

Ibero-American News Digest

Lopez Obrador: We Refuse To Yield to the 'Rule of Flaw'

The only way that Felipe Calderon of the synarchist National Action Party (PAN) managed to get inaugurated as Mexico's President on Dec. 1, was by being spirited in and out of the Congress by massive military deployments, only to stay for a mere four minutes within a two-meter, protected radius. But outside, the legitimate President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador—AMLO as he is known—was addressing a large rally at the historic downtown Zocalo plaza, and then leading a march of more than 200,000 people, which swelled in size as it moved in orderly fashion down the streets.

Lopez Obrador emphasized in his speech that the great power of his movement comes from the fact that it will not capitulate or negotiate with the neo-fascists' fraudulent "Rule of Law." "What rule of law?" he asked. "Forget it! This is rule of flaw!"

It is not his movement that is creating the conflicts, he warned, adding that the most violent, dangerous gang in our country is that which is imposing this lackey, Calderon, as President.

Lopez Obrador spent a major portion of his speech warning against provocateur infiltrators: Peaceful resistance, he stated over and over, is what is needed. We have entire families here. No violence. March with order. Don't write graffiti on even one wall; break no windows. Anyone who wants to appear radical should be viewed with mistrust, because they just might be an infiltrator who wants to harm our movement. "What we are doing is more radical than anything else. Do you know why this is very radical? Simply because we have not given up; we haven't sold out; we are never going to accept the imposition [of the spurious President], and this is very radical."

Mexican LYM: 'True Revolutionaries Transform the Universe'

As Lopez Obrador addressed the huge crowd that had gathered in Mexico City Dec. 1 to protest Felipe Calderon's spurious "inauguration," the Mexican LaRouche Youth Movement distributed 20,000 leaflets conveying this message: The LYM in the United States demonstrated that we youth can make history. Join us in doing just that! The leaflet was provocatively headlined, "Revolutionaries Don't Patch Things Up. True Revolutionaries Transform the Universe. To Be a Revolutionary Is To Transform the Universe."

It began: "No solution to the economic crisis which attempts to function within the parameters of so-called 'globalization' will work. Do not create the myth that a nation can reach the rank of survivor following the loving advice of its rapist, who, on top of everything, demands an accounting of the benefits which he will get from that rape...."

LaRouche's Nov. 16 webcast description of the current collapse of the world economy, and his statement that if he were President of the United States, or could get someone else as President to do things right, "we could stop the crisis," is then quoted. The leaflet continues:

"We want to transmit to you the optimism which exists in the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) from having been the decisive factor in the defeat of the Republicans in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, ... which brings us one step away from the final removal of President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

"If you really want to transform history in a far-reaching way, don't you think that you have to go beyond simple traditional political activism, which doesn't demand an ever-greater potential in the thinking of human beings? Changing the axiom that we are impotent to affect the large, and we prefer the small?...

"This is our job as youth. To do what the oligarchy does not want you to do: to foster the creative powers of the human being as a way of ensuring that generations to come can have a future.... But, what do we mean when we speak of the creativity of the human being? You may think: What could these youth have as an advantage, that they are so sure that they can win this fight, if they are only that, youth?

"The answer lies in the method we are developing as a youth movement, of working through the different minds which have made discoveries of principle which revolutionized humanity's knowledge. The advantage which we have, is the recognition that the human being is not a beast defined solely by its physical necessities, yoked together in a decadent society....

"This is what allowed the youth in the United States to defeat the enemy, and what allows us here in Mexico, together with our associates in Ibero-America and Europe, to acquire the confidence and the certainty of knowledge to be able to carry out any sort of revolution, and in this way, to inspire more youth to join this cause.

"Thus, it is your responsibility to change history and master these ideas, in the process of which you prove that the human being is not a beast which needs to create fantasies in order to be happy. It is time these fantasies get out of your mind, so that you can give it not what it wants, but what it needs: ideas.... Don't let yourself be attacked by the disease of 'smallest is better, I'm very little...' Only a human being transforms the universe. Do you want to be one?"

Argentine First Lady's Bodyguard Shot

On Dec. 4, a bodyguard of Argentine First Lady and Sen. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was shot as he was reporting to work in Buenos Aires. Although the incident was explained as an attempted car robbery, President Nestor Kirchner immediately ordered an exhaustive investigation to determine whether the shooting of the Federal Police corporal was intended as a "threatening message" to the government.

Lyndon LaRouche's warning, issued in discussions Dec. 2, was thus on the mark. Given the world situation and the state of mind of Dick Cheney and other desperadoes, he said, assassinations of heads of state or other key political leaders would be their characteristic response to developments in South America around the informal 'Presidents' Club' that is resisting their insane policies. It would be the style of Cheney's friends to try to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, among other Ibero-American leaders, LaRouche warned.

Sources close to the President told the Argentine daily Clarin that "we aren't ruling out any hypothesis," regarding the incident, particularly given the fact that the corporal is normally deployed on Senator Kirchner's security team. As he was getting out of his car, he was approached by three individuals who discharged 20 shots, four of which hit him.

Correa Vows To Emulate Argentina's 'Development Model'

Ecuador's President-elect Rafael Correa met on Dec. 4 in Quito with Argentina's Deputy Interior Minister Rafael Follonier, who had been sent there by President Nestor Kirchner to communicate the Argentine President's personal congratulations and warm greetings to Correa on the latter's recent electoral victory. Following the meeting, Correa told reporters that his meeting with the Argentine President three months earlier in Buenos Aires had brought him "luck" in his recent election, and added that he intended to emulate Kirchner's "development model."

That's enough to give Wall Street and City of London bankers a bad case of heartburn, as Kirchner has rejected the International Monetary Fund's policies, successfully restructured his country's defaulted debt on terms favorable to Argentina—not the speculative vulture funds—and adopted economic policies which are decidedly dirigist. Correa has indicated his interest in restructuring Ecuador's debt along Argentine lines, and will be visiting Buenos Aires on Dec. 13-14, to meet privately with Kirchner, then with the full cabinet, as well as with businessmen and other political leaders.

On Dec. 7, Correa met in Brasilia with President Lula da Silva, during which the two discussed initiatives for cooperation in energy development and infrastructure, before departing for Cochabamba, Bolivia to attend the Dec. 8-9 summit of the South American Community of Nations.

EIR Introduces Reality into National Defense Symposium

The first day of a Nov. 30-Dec. 1 National Defense University symposium, held in Washington, D.C., on the "Western Hemisphere Security Conundrum," was dominated by the same old people proposing the same old things to somehow overcome what most present view as the worst state of relations between Ibero-America and the United States since World War II. But it was livened up by the simple question from EIR as to how the panelists thought a Bush-Cheney impeachment could affect U.S.-Ibero-American relations, in light of the Democratic Party's harsh response to Bush's "ten more years in Iraq" declarations of the day before.

The question provoked an outburst of laughter from the generally tense and subdued audience of U.S. and Ibero-American institutional people.

EIR's Ibero-America analyst Gretchen Small asked the question after one of the more honest presentations on the state of relations, given by the New York Council on Foreign Relations' Latin American expert, Julia Sweig, who had (with company manners) pounded the Bush Administration's policies for creating a dangerous backlash of anti-Americanism. Sweig gulped at the question, but responded that while she was a Democrat, she thought impeachment would be awful, as it would further weaken an already-weakened empire, and tear apart our republic.

The conference was premised upon the anti-nation-state agenda which EIR had blown apart in its now-famous book, The Plot to Annihilate the Armed Forces and Nations of Ibero-America, and was keynoted by the degenerate targetted by EIR as the leader of the drive for supranational rule, Luigi Einaudi.

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