Volume 33, Number 47, November 24, 2006


A Design for Legislation: Saving the U.S. Economy  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche develops the model of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s measures to reverse the Depression. As FDR understood for his time, the intent embedded in the crafting of the U.S. Constitution, is also the key to the solution of this present crisis. LaRouche writes:

“The saying goes: ‘Do not speak of the rope in the house of the hanged.’

“It might also be said: ‘Do not speak of the onrushing, global, financial breakdown in the presence of members of the Houses of Congress.’

“Nevertheless, the time has come to speak, urgently, of what had been often treated, until now, as unspeakable truths.”

LaRouche Webcast

Organizing the Recovery From the Great Crash of 2007  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s address to a Washington-based webcast on Nov. 16, 2006, plus the questions and answers from an international audience. “None of the well-meaning, leading financial authorities, and economic authorities, in the United States, or in Western Europe, or in the world at large,” LaRouche declared, “have any conception of how to solve the presently onrushing international financial-monetary and physical crisis: None! I do! Now, in this case, therefore, it is my job to state frankly what that solution is, and to identify the nature of the problem to which this remedy, this medicine, is to be applied, in order to cure the sick patient.”


U.S. Bankers Herald Financial Breakdown  

by Nancy Spannaus

Warnings of a systemic crisis, and impending financial blowout, are being issued by leading representatives of major U.S. financial institutions. All are talking of the risk of financial chaos, as a result of the massive, unpayable debt bubble created by Alan “Derivatives” Greenspan.

Eurasian Land-Bridge Passes New Mile Post

by Mary Burdman

Business Briefs


LYM Mobilizes Washington for ‘Double Impeachment’

by Niko Paulson

The LaRouche Youth Movement’s Week of Action in Washington, D.C. launched the battle to establish the ideas which will govern the actions of the incoming Congress; the first front of that battle was waged over the issue of impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Oversight Hearings Can Lead Straight to Impeachment  

by Nancy Spannaus

Over the past six years, Democrats have been documenting the malfeasance of the Bush Administration in a large number of areas, and demanding oversight hearings, which have, in most cases, been blocked by the Republican majority. Now that the Republican stranglehold is broken, hearings can proceed expeditiously.


U.S. Diplomats Revolt over Policy Toward North Korea  

by Michael Billington

Among many former diplomats and Asia experts who are speaking out, Dr. C. Kenneth Quinones told a Washington, D.C. forum that he saw only two options for the future of Korea: Either true diplomacy be given a chance, or there would be a new Korean war—not limited to the peninsula, but engulfing the region, and provoking a global economic crisis as well.

Italian Press Exposes Cheney-Authored Kidnapping and Torture of Abu Omar  

by Claudio Celani

An affidavit has been smuggled out of an Egyptian prison, where Abu Omar has been held under barbaric conditions since a CIA commando kidnapped him in Milan on Feb. 17, 2003.

Germans Grapple with U.S. Political Shift

by Rainer Apel

Uri Avnery: Peace Is Made with Enemies

by Dean Andromidas


The Winners and Losers on Nov. 7