Volume 33, Number 49, December 8, 2006


Johannes Kepler & The Democratic Challenge: The New Politics  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Even the leadership of the Democratic Party’s national campaign organization is still bemused by its surprise at the way in which a landslide victory was won in the mid-term election’s vote for the U.S. House of Representatives. That is the most crucial lesson which the Democratic Party’s national organization, has yet to learn, for the sake of the future of both that party, and of our republic.”

Inside the New Democratic Majority  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

Report from Capitol Hill.


Economic Recovery Act of 2006: Dollar Plunge, Fall of Housing and Auto, Demand Urgent Action  

by Paul Gallagher

The steep fall of the dollar, the contraction of the U.S. real-estate bubble, and the meltdown of the auto sector all require an urgent Federal intervention on the principles of President Franklin Roosevelt’s actions to reverse the 1929-33 Depression. With a Democratic majority in Congress, the time is right—and couldn’t be more urgent.

The Economic Recovery Act of 2006  

Draft legislation prepared for Congress by LaRouche PAC.

Key Questions on the Economic Recovery Act  

Felix Rohatyn’s PPP Swindles: The Mussolini Model for Infrastructure  

by Marcia Merry Baker

Public-private partnerships are an instrument for financier looting—no solution for bankrupt states and municipalities.


British Push Puppet Cheney To Trigger Global Chaos  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Cheney scheme to promote a “Sunni alliance” with Israel, to counter Iran’s growing Shi’ite dominance over the Muslim world, is the handiwork of a crew of British agents, who have employed the Vice President to wreck the United States from within, as a step towards undoing the nation-state system.

Behind the Cheney Trip to Riyadh

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Moscow Discussion: Can U.S.-Russian Relations Improve?  

by Rachel Douglas

Peace in the Middle East Needs a Third Party

An interview with Shlomo Ben-Ami.

Ecuador’s New President: ‘Life Comes Before Debt’

by Valerie Rush

Sudan’s President Bashir Defends His Nation’s Sovereignty

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Save Rwanda and Africa

by Jacques Cheminade

A statement by the French Presidential candidate.

International Intelligence


Without Leadership, India Drifts Dangerously  

by Ramtanu Maitra

The Indian elites are wandering in the fog of “globalization,” lacking the vision to develop the country’s infrastructure—which is the only way to deal with the enormous poverty in the country.

A Rail Land-Bridge for Eurasian Freight

by Rainer Apel

Business Briefs


Pennsylvania Squashes Campus Gestapo Project  

by Anton Chaitkin

The test case for a campaign by Lynne Cheney and David Horowitz to get a Goebbels-like legal code passed in Pennsylvania to suppress academic freedom, has been dealt a decisive defeat.

What Horowitz’s Defeat Implies: In Crisis, Politics Must Be an Action on the Future

by Michael Kirsch

The Gibberer in the ‘Times’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A letter to the New York Times, responding to an article by Louis Uchitelle.

Science & Technology

To Combat Malaria, We Need DDT

A world expert on malaria and DDT explains why indoor spraying of house walls will save millions of lives. An interview with Donald R. Roberts.


Shlomo Ben-Ami

Ben-Ami was the main Israeli negotiator at the Camp David Summit in 2000, and headed the Israeli negotiation team at the Israeli-Palestinian talks at Taba in January 2001, immediately after the inauguration of President George W. Bush.

Donald R. Roberts

An entomologist and professor of Tropical Public Health at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, Roberts has been involved with DDT for 40 years.


The Ugly Truth About Milton Friedman

by Nancy Spannaus


Britain’s Deadly Game: Religious War