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The Old Economics Is Dead; the New Economics Must Begin

Lyndon LaRouche addressed an international webcast on "The Old Economics Is Dead, The New Economics Must Begin," in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 11, 2007.

I think we should begin by declaring this the Year of Bel Canto Choral Singing [applause] which is one of the more important weapons available to us, to change the world, and to transform people who look glum and miserable on the streets, into actually smiling and happy human beings.

But we have to justify that happiness at the same time. We can proclaim it, we can declare for it, we can call for it, but we must make it possible.

Now, what has to be done to save civilization, global civilization, not just here, must be done largely within a span of the coming 90 days, or less. Of course, the first thing we must do, in order to do the other things which we must do, we must put the Vice President into some form of retirement, involuntary or otherwise, and we must put the President of the United States under compassionate care. Because, without the removal of these two impediments, civilization will not continue. You see this madman, who's the unshackled husband of a terrible wife—they have such things in history—you're going to have war. You're going to have a war spreading throughout the entire region from Turkey and so forth, into Somalia, and beyond. The whole world will blow up

We are entering a period of the greatest financial crisis in all modern history. Because this time, while there are comparable regional cases, such as the 14th-Century New Dark Age, never before has the entire planet been threatened by virtual extinction of its culture and mass depopulation, as now. So therefore, this is unprecedented.

What we're going to have to do, is what the Congress, in general presently, hasn't the slightest intention of doing. But it must be done, if the nation and civilization are to survive. There is no force outside the United States, which has the intellectual capability and influence to do what must be done, in reorganizing an international monetary-financial system and economic system, which is bankrupt beyond repair. The world will not continue as a civilized world under the present international monetary-financial system, and the prevalent policies which have evolved in the world, as from the United States and elsewhere, over a period from about 1970 to the present time....

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