From Volume 6, Issue Number 4 of EIR Online, Published Jan. 23, 2007

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Will Congress Sing the Song of Double Impeachment?

by Matthew Ogden, LaRouche Youth Movement

No matter how much Howard Dean screams, he will never be able to claim credit for the landslide victory that the Democrats won on Nov. 7. The new 110th Congress is full of maverick freshmen Democrats who rode the wave of a great generational paradigm shift, which swept them into Congress, and they are now in Washington with a mandate from millions of young people to make trouble. On campuses across the country, these millions of youth were shocked to discover that you didn't have to imitate the Howard "Scream" to consider yourself political, but that the real political leadership were the youth who were calling for the impeachment of Cheney and Bush, pushing for a FDR-style economic recovery, and mobilizing the population through song!

Unless bel canto voice lessons become a regular activity for Dean's Democratic National Committee (DNC), the "Scream" should retire and give way to the real leadership of the Democratic Party, the LaRouche Youth Movement. Many members of the new Congress have already claimed Lyndon LaRouche as their leading intellectual point of reference in Washington, D.C., and these Congressmen are now asking the LaRouche Youth Movement to teach them how to sing!

Back to the FDR Legacy—With Song

Gathering together in Washington last week from months of intensive campaigning all around the country, 75 members of the LaRouche Youth Movement felt like this was their Congress. This was the concrete result of our generation asserting itself politically, with our youth movement blazing the trail out of the "no-future" era of the Baby Boomer, and leading a new Democratic Party back to the legacy of FDR.

Most of these Congressmen had not been sanctioned by the DNC and had made it to Washington obliged to no one but the youth who had elected them. We assembled a full youth chorus of all the ensembles that had been working hard across the country, and brought our music to the streets of Washington and the Congressional offices of Capitol Hill, under the banner: "Youth to Congress: Read Between the Votes, Impeach Cheney Now."...

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