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The Popular Pits of Current Superstition
The Dance of the Bio-Fools
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

January 18, 2007

They met, and married, during a seance. She was the spectre. It was what he believed to be the low cost of feeding her, which he, despite her complaining ways, found most attractive.

In any way in which you may choose to calculate, only fraudulent arithmetic could have built a case in defense of the current promotion of what are currently called "bio-fuels." Believers in the cult of "bio-fools," have no one as much as themselves, against whom to complain for the inevitable outcome of continuing such a policy. This is already the leading fact of that situation, even before taking into account the assured, mass-murderously costly effects of continuing the repeated introduction of that policy: effects on the food supply, and, therefore, also, on the life-expectancy of human beings generally. I recommend the use of that term of opprobrium, "bio-fools," or, "bio-fooled"; I do this not to be cruel, but, rather, because these are the kindest among the truthful euphemisms available.

The current fad of "bio-foolism," is a sort of fraud which is inherent, to similar effect, in what some fellows might admire, as the allure of a prostitute carrying a probably fatal type of communicable disease. The risk should have been immediately obvious to anyone with even a modicum of scientific competence, had they not been compromised by what was for them the lure of a tempting opportunity. Consequently, among dupes of bio-foolery, there are probably relatively few adult human beings who actually care much, at that moment, whether, or not, there is any sense in the concept of "bio-fuels." Usually, among the motives met in support of this scheme, as among compulsive gamblers, there is chiefly the fanatical opportunist's reckless, and also more or less demented, mere wish to believe....

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