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A U.S.A. Drowning in Its Gore?
The Great Luddite Hoax of 2007
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
We must never forget that former Vice-President Al Gore's 2000 Gore-Lieberman campaign was the midwife of the Bush-Cheney Presidency...

The issue to be considered here is no mere difference of policy. The issue is existential. At issue is a choice between one policy, under whose influence our civilization would soon cease to exist, that of Gore's policy, against the directly opposite choice of policy required, if civilization is to continue to exist during the immediately foreseeable future. Let us now proceed in the confidence that the issue treated here is of no lesser importance than just that. Essentially, after Al Gore's marbles are counted, his recent Hollywood, pulp-science-fiction-style production, on the theme of ``Global Warming,'' is, obviously, a fraud designed by someone. Whoever that someone was, Al's fraud was done, apparently, for the pleasure of what were, obviously, swindlers, and has served to titillate many among our nation's, and others' current crop of the more excitably credulous, middle-class ``bio-fools.'
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This Week, You Need To Know

The Anti-Deutschen:
A 'Thatcherite' Cult Targets German Nation for Destruction

by an EIR/LaRouche Youth Movement Investigative Team

Beginning in the Winter of 1989-90, when the whole world was celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, the liberation of East Germany, and the unfolding demise of the Soviet Empire, bizarre banners began appearing at left-wing rallies throughout Germany. The demonstrators carrying these banners were part of a violent, left-wing "autonomist" milieu in Germany, known as the "Antifa" ("Anti-fascists"). Their banners and posters carried slogans like "Fourth Reich—Never Again!" and "Bomber Harris—Do It Again."

The latter slogan referred to British Royal Air Force Marshal Sir Arthur Travers "Bomber" Harris, otherwise known as "Butcher Harris," who was the architect of Britain's massive World War II strategic bombing campaign directed against German civilian targets, which killed and maimed millions of Germans, destroyed most German cities, but did little damage to the Nazi war machine.

The violent hatred of all things German, particularly the prospect of a united Germany, which characterized this extreme wing of the Antifa (they soon labeled themselves the "Anti-Deutschen"—"Anti-Germans") precisely mirrored the rhetoric and policies coming, at that same time, out of the Tory government of Margaret Thatcher in Britain, and some of the leading City of London propagandists in the British media.
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Is U.S.A. Drowning in Its Gore?
The Great Luddite Hoax of 2007
By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Apart from asking who is behind the foolishness of Al Gore's recent Hollywood, pulp-science-fiction-style production, on the theme of 'Global Warming,' the crucial point to be addressed is: 'What is the actual strategic motive for the consisting persistence of the promotion of the Kyoto hoax at this particular time?'

Cosmoclimatology, Kepler, and Moon's Model of the Nucleus
By Laurence Hecht
A report by Danish investigator Henrik Svensmark in the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society shows the potential for the sorts of happy discoveries we can expect to occur more frequently, once the 40-year-long domination of science by the Green hysteria is finally lifted.


The Anti-Deutschen: A 'Thatcherite' Cult Targets German Nation for Destruction
An EIR/LaRouche Youth Movement Investigative Team documents the bizarre story of how 'right' meets 'left' in the new attacks on German national sovereignty, which the AntiGermans denounce as 'antiSemitism.' The origins of this cult are not indigenous, but lie with Sir Bertrand Russell, the Frankfurt School, and their modern-day descendants.

'Antifa' Violence Protects Hedge Funds
The Antifa/Anti-German attacks on anyone who opposes the hedge funds have moved from verbal assault, to arson and low-level terrorism.

Moses Mendelssohn: Soul of Germany; Or, Why Anti-Semites Hate Germany


London's Cayman Islands: Empire of the Hedge Funds
Contrary to the efforts of some well-intentioned Congressmen and parliamentarians, it is impossible to think of hedge-fund reform in the United States, or in Germany, because the real source of power of hedge funds in these countries, lies in the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands, unregulated and untaxed.

Business Briefs


LYM Youth Bust Up Attempt To Drown Congress in Gore
The week of Feb. 26, Washington, D.C. was overrun by spokesmen for the Great Al Gore Global Warming hoax. The LaRouche Youth Movement jumped right into the fight, challenging the foolish, Gorish axioms, and arguing for scientific rigor.

The Truth Heats Up Press Club Atmosphere

Carbon Controls' Aim: Back to the Dark Ages

Congress Debates: Public or Private Transport Network

National News


Is Southwest Asia Headed Toward 'LaRouche Doctrine'?
If, as planned, a meeting takes place in Baghdad on March 10, of officials from Iraq's neighbors and others, it will underscore the fact that ideas indeed do move history. The idea of such an approach is shaping the possibility of putting out the fires of sectarian strife in Iraq—an idea first formulated by Lyndon LaRouche in April 2004, in 'The LaRouche Doctrine.'

The Greens: An AngloDutch Creation

What Sudan Needs Is Economic Development, Not Foreign Troops

Intimidation Will Only Make Sudan Into a New 'Iraq'
Mr. Ukec is the ambassador from Sudan to Washington, D.C. He comes from Southern Sudan, and has spent many years in the United States, including studying in Iowa.

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