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The Cult of the Oligarchy
The Gore of Babylon
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
March 16, 2007
21st Century Science & Technology's Laurence Hecht's editorial for the March 23 edition of Executive Intelligence Review, drew upon a crucially relevant historical background, that of the role of Malthusian corruption which was expressed in the spread of the 20th-Century fascism of Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and their imitators. Gore's implicitly racist utopianism in his Africa policy today, like that of those Twentieth-Century horrors, is nothing other than a modern echo of the still deeper roots of the same illness, roots which are also to be found in the ancient Delphi cult of Dionysus....
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The Cult of the Oligarchy: The Gore of Babylon
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

'It remains impossible to understand the historic mission of the pseudo-scientific frauds of Gore today, without recognizing him, as I show here, as not only a true echo of Twentieth-Century fascism, but, also, an echo, in that specific historical sense, of the example provided by Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound.'

The Gore Dossier

The Youth of Today Declare: 'We Will Not Be Gorified!'

Carbon Trade Swindle Behind Gore Hoax
The push for an expanded market for carbon emissions trading comes from a London-based network positioned to reproduce the oil bubble on a scale orders of magnitude greater and more dangerous, while at the same time, destroying what's left of the physical economy.

Does Global Warming Cause Amnesia?

Yes, It's Insane! How CO2 Trading Works

The New Environmentalist Eugenics: Al Gore's Green Genocide
The environmentalist movement today is nothing but a revamped model of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy's drive for eugenics and population control. LYM member Rob Ainsworth provides the shocking evidence from their own mouths.

Mr. Malthus

The Eco-Fascist Al Gore in His Own Words

British Genocide, From Thatcher to Gore

Is That Hitler in Your Garden? No, That's Al Gore

A Genocidal Hoax: A Chronology of the Global Warming Swindle

International News

For the Good of the Locusts: Gabriel Misuses His Office
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche,

who is campaigning in Germany against the brainwashing of the population into green fascism, which Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to carry out by showing Gore's fraudulent movie in every school.

Will Germany Revive Nuclear Power?

EIR Releases Stanislav Menshikov's 'The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism'

Russia's Next Step

Iraq's Other Tragedy: 2 Million Refugees

The French Election: How the Financiers Rigged the Game

Of Bushes and Ethanol Madness in Colombia

Civil Rights Heroine Honored Across Nation
Not satisfied with being honored for her accomplishments in winning voting rights in the 1960s, Amelia Boynton-Robinson is organizing with the LaRouche Youth nationwide.

LaRouche Movement Expands in Italy

Congressional Closeup

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