From Volume 6, Issue 36 of EIR Online, Published Sept. 4, 2007

Western European News Digest

John Train's Slander Campaign Against LaRouche Exposed

Aug. 29 (EIRNS)—The Italian magazine La Voce delle Voci published a three-page article on investment banker John Train and Democratic statesman Lyndon LaRouche in its June issue, exposing the real story of the "Doge of Wall Street" and his campaign of defamation and persecution against LaRouche. La Voce delle Voci is the national edition of a monthly magazine until now published only in Naples, called La Voce della Campania.

The article, written by EIR's Claudio Celani, introduces secretive banker and intelligence operative John Train as involved in the current strategic confrontation between London and Moscow, not only because of his connections to the late journalists Paul Klebnikov and Anna Politkovskaya, but as a member of "what President Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex."

The article is entitled "Train ad alta pericolositá, a pun on the phrase "high-speed train," which becomes, "high-danger Train." The subtitle reads: "They call him the Doge of Wall Street: John Train, a CIA-connected international assault banker, married to a Venetian noblewoman who was a friend of Junio Valerio Borghese. His shadow is cast on the death of Russian journalist Paul Klebnikov, one of the many mysteries of recent Russian history. As Putin launches warnings and, here at home, many dossiers 'made by Mitrokhin' pop up again."

The article reports on how the most recent examples of such slanders emerged in Italy in the context of the Litvinenko scandal and were pushed by political figures belonging to networks still connected to freemasonic conspirator Licio Gelli. The article concludes by asking whether, behind this new mud-slinging, John Train is again to be found.

'Britain's Role in the New Cold War'

Aug. 30 (EIRNS)—In July, British Defence Secretary Des Browne informed Parliament that the U.S.-run Royal Air Force (RAF) base, Menwith Hill, which is the largest spy base in the world, would be incorporated into the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system. Browne also said that a new early warning radar at RAF Flyingdales would be part of the U.S. BMD plan.

In an article in its Aug. 30 issue, aptly titled, "Britain's Role in the New Cold War," the British magazine New Statesman says that five British firms, including scandal-ridden BAE Systems, will work on the BMD project, which has so far cost more than $90 billion. Until Browne's announcement, the government had refused to confirm Menwith Hill's role in missile defense.

Interceptor missiles have been deployed in California and Alaska, and while Poland remains the likely host of the European leg, Browne told Parliament that the option of siting interceptor missiles in Britain would be kept "under review."

A well-informed Washington intelligence source told EIR News Service that the British government, and especially the financier oligarchy, is determined to block the U.S.-Russia collaboration that was embodied in President Vladimir Putin's proposal for joint radar and missile defense development. Such collaboration would pull the rug out from under Britain's imperial game, using the Dick Cheney circles to destroy the United States and the American System of economics and foreign policy. Lyndon LaRouche said he agreed with this assessment, noting the importance of Britain's role in destabilizing Southwest Asia as well.

Danish Railroad Formally Proposes 'Kattegat Connection'

Aug. 30 (EIRNS)—The Danish State Railroad (DSB) announced a new high-speed-rail proposal, with a Kattegat connection as the central feature, at a transportation conference in Aalborg. The proposal entails a ring consisting of a high-speed-train connection from Copenhagen, over a new Kattegat bridge, through Aarhus (Denmark's second largest city on the Danish mainland), to Horsens; which is then connected to the existing rail lines comprising the second half of the ring. This ring would then have connections to the other major cities on the Danish mainland.

The proposal reflects the Schiller Institute's plan for a maglev connection between Copenhagen and Aarhus over a Kattegat bridge, which burst into the Danish political process, and the leading newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, over the past months (although the DSB proposal does not include maglev).

State Constitution Suspended for Sale of Troubled Bank

Aug. 29 (EIRNS)—Among other dark aspects of Germany's Sachsen Landesbank crisis, the breach of the state constitution of Saxony last week, to allow the swift sale of the troubled bank, raises concern.

Respect for the constitution would have required the presentation of the facts and the sale plan, to the members of the state parliament on Aug. 27. But Gov. Georg Milbradt called in the chairmen of the parliamentary groups on Saturday, Aug. 25, talking them into acceptance of a two-day suspension of the constitution with the argument that if the sale were not carried out on Sunday, the bank would have to go into default on Monday.

The chairmen of the parliamentary groups accepted, which implies that the banks can dictate when the constitution is in effect and when it isn't. The affair will be brought up by dissident members of the parliament.

Paris: 'Toxic' Cheney a 'Millstone' Around Bush's Neck

PARIS, Aug. 29 (EIRNS)—The Aug. 27 issue of the daily Le Figaro has an article by Washington correspondent Philippe Gélie on the mounting pressure on the U.S. President to resign. Entitled, "Dick Cheney, A Controversial Vice President," the article has a big picture of Bush and Cheney, with a caption: "Dick Cheney has become a millstone around Bush's neck. At his lowest in the polls, he is often designated as the 'worst vice president in the history' of the United States."

Cheney has attempted to put himself "above the law," Gélie writes, rejecting any oversight of his activities, which prompted the Senate to refuse to authorize the $4.5 million budget for the Vice President's Office. "His paws are identifiable in all the coups and presidential fiascos." Gelie quotes a recent article by Sally Quinn, whose husband was the Washington Post editor during Watergate, "The big question among the Republicans today is how to get rid of Dick Cheney. He is perceived as toxic."

Pasta Strike: Inflation Leading to Public Protest

Aug. 29 (EIRNS)—Price increases for food, energy, and housing spell an increase of 1,100 euros ($1,500) per year for the average Italian family, according to consumers associations, as reported by Ansa.

Yesterday, another central element of the Italian diet was hit by price increases: The price of the a cup of espresso rose by 25%, from an average of 80 cents to 1 euro ($1.36). Meanwhile, consumers associations have organized a "pasta strike" for Sept. 13 to protest rising prices.

Chinese Cannot Be Blamed for Drinking Up German Milk

Aug. 28 (EIRNS)—Following a European-wide pattern, the milk products industry in Germany has announced drastic increases in consumer prices for September, in some categories above 50%, German radio stations reported this morning. Noodles, grain products, and other foods will see similar price increases. The reason for this is drastically increased prices for grain and milk, caused by speculative market operations, and not, as media propaganda has tried to tell the consumers, an alleged sudden increased demand by the Chinese for German milk, cheese, or bread.

The China-bashing story has been exposed as complete rubbish: German exports of milk products, particularly milk powder, did indeed increase by 20% in the first six months of 2007, but that is due mostly to exports to the new Eastern European members of the European Union. Exports to China increased only by a minuscule 0.1%.

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