From Volume 6, Issue 36 of EIR Online, Published Sept. 4, 2007
Southwest Asia News Digest

This week's InDepth features three articles on aspects of the crisis in Southwest Asia. See our International section for the following:

British Hand Is Pushing Bush Into Iran War Trap
by Michele Steinberg and Jeffrey Steinberg

On Aug. 28, after George W. Bush delivered a speech to the American Legion where he raved about a "nuclear holocaust" coming from Iran, and vowed to continue—and even escalate—the war in Iraq, Lyndon LaRouche warned that British interests were goading the President into a suicidal flight-forward that would lead to a cataclysmic Hundred Years War....

Israel-Palestine: Peace Conference or Hot Autumn?
by Dean Andromidas

While the U.S. State Department appears to be busy preparing a "Middle East Peace Conference" for November, the region is preparing for the war that Vice President Dick Cheney wants to start against Iran....

Behind Bush's Latest Anti-Iran Diatribe
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

President Bush's most recent charges that Iran is threatening to unleash a "nuclear holocaust," must be seen in the context of the drumbeat for military aggression against Iran....

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