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Mugabe Slams U.K. as Thousands Rally To Support Him

From Volume 6, Issue 49 of EIR Online, Published Dec. 4, 2007
Africa News Digest

Mugabe Slams U.K. as Thousands Rally To Support Him

Dec. 1 (EIRNS)— In a speech yesterday to thousands of supporters in Zimbabwe's capital Harare, President Robert Mugabe thanked fellow African heads of state for their support against what he called an "onslaught" by Britain and its allies, according to the South African Mail and Guardian today, which cited AFP and South Africa Press Association reports. Britain had demanded that Zimbabwe be barred from the European Union-Africa summit being held in Portugal this weekend.

"Zimbabwe is an African country. We are totally independent from Britain. Let Britain there listen to this simple lesson that Zimbabwe is no longer a British colony," Mugabe told several thousand veterans of the liberation war. "We are no longer British territory. Britain has no right to discuss [Zimbabwe] almost every week in their stupid Parliament. Have they no sense? Has Britain ceased to have any rationality?"

"I want to express our gratitude to our fellow members of the Southern African Development Council (SADC) for their support of Zimbabwe in its assertion to defend its sovereignty against the onslaught that has come from Britain and its allies," said Mugabe. "You value your country and no amount of hunger or suffering will make you surrender your birthright." He also accused multinational companies operating in Zimbabwe of colluding with his foes in the West to instigate revolt against his rule. "They withhold products to try to make people turn against their government," he charged, according to the Mail and Guardian report.

Unable to have Mugabe barred from the summit, now it will be the chair of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown which will be empty, since he has refused to attend if Mugabe will be there. Although the British have accused Mugabe of human rights violations and corruption, the same circles have not said anything about the latest Labour Party funding scandal in Britain, which could potentially ensnare Brown is a criminal investigation.

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