Volume 34, Number 16, April 20, 2007


Where the Future Lies  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

"Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore’s recent popularity is already on the wane. ‘Bio-fuels’ is strictly for quick-buck swindlers and the credulities of the ‘Bio-fools’ upon whom they prey. In reality, the world’s current trends are dominated by a surge of commitment to nuclear-fission fuels as the leading development policy of Eurasia and also other parts of the world. As an April 7th London Economist editorial suggests, the question on the table among all actually thinking circles of leadership around the world, is, who is going to control the economic policies of a world in which, in fact, nuclear fission and related technologies will be taking over."


Schiller Institute Presents Maglev to Danish Parliament  

Tom Gillesberg, chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark, challenged the Danish Parliament to take a technological leap into the future, in his testimony to the Parliamentary Traffic Committee on the Institute’s proposal for a national maglev program.

Systemic Mortgage Threat Dawning on Congressmen?  

by Paul Gallagher

Russian Economist: We Would Support a U.S. Return to FDR’s Policies  

An interview with Russian economist Stanislav Menshikov on “The LaRouche Show” Internet radio program.


Al Gore’s Crowded Bed: Bush, Barrick Gold, and General Pinochet  

by Cynthia R. Rush

A public outcry in Chile against Barrick Gold’s sponsorship of Al Gore’s upcoming apperance at a conference in Santiago on “global warming,” forced Barrick to withdraw its backing—and Gore to try rather unsuccessfully to distance himself from that branch of the global raw materials cartel.

‘Green Nazis’ in Germany Under Fire  

by Rainer Apel

From Hippies to Hedge Fund Operators: The Case of Jeff Skoll

by Harley Schlanger

The Historical Roots of Green Fascism

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Part 2 of Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s definitive work on the Nazi roots of the ecology movement, written in 1982.

Anti-Gore News


Media Locusts Do Dirty Work for Cheney, Gore, and Blair

What’s behind the British propaganda campaign against Lyndon LaRouche, involving ludicrous, long-discredited slanders concerning the suicide of the young Briton Jeremiah Duggan four years ago? Deeper we go into the stinking bowels of British Intelligence.

Blair War Clique Runs Anti-LaRouche Slander Drive  

by Anton Chaitkin

The case of Lady Sarah Hogg, the financial power looming behind the latest Duggan slander.

DOJ Caugt Bankrolling Anti-LaRouche Campaign


Bush Fiddles While Cheney Plots More Wars  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

If Vice President Cheney has his way, the United States will soon be in a war with Iran—a war that the U.S. military and intelligence establishment strongly oppose, and that powerful voices within the British Establishment are also attacking as dangerous folly.

International Intelligence


Los Angeles LYM Fractures Global Warming Consensus

by Leandra Bernstein

The LaRouche Youth Movement’s call for a debate on global warming has sparked an uproar in the California Democratic Party. Documentation: The text of the LYM resolution.

Will Michigan, Auto Finally Heed LYM?

by Rob Ainsworth



by John Hoefle

Private Equity, Public Vice.


Let Us Make History