Volume 34, Number 18, May 4, 2007


‘Ask the Man Who Owns One’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The first question a wise citizen would ask about any present pre-candidate, would echo the advertising slogan of the Packard Motor Car Company of the 1930s: ‘Ask the man who owns one.’. . . The driver behind all of these approximately immediate dangers to life on our planet as a whole, is the continuation of the financial-economic policies associated presently with the predatory role of a global ‘hedge-fund’ swindle centered, chiefly, in the British monarchy’s Cayman Islands. Therefore, which financier interests actually control which Presidential and other candidates, is the most fundamental, personally existential question facing any intelligent U.S. voter today.” Lyndon LaRouche elaborates.

Bidding War for the 2008 Dem Candidates  

by Anita Gallagher

Great Projects

Russian-American Team: World Needs Bering Strait Tunnel!  

by Rachel Douglas

A major Moscow conference on Great Projects featured discussion of plans for Russian-American cooperation on building the Bering Strait Tunnel, a project which will provide the crucial inter-hemispheric link for the Eurasian Land-Bridge

Putin’s Annual Message Boosts Infrastructure  

The World’s Political Map Changes: Mendeleyev Would Have Agreed  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s paper, which was read to the Moscow conference

Megaprojects Pose Alternative to War  

by Walter J. Hickel

The speech by former Alaska Governor Walter Hickel, which he presented in Moscow

Chronology: Origins of the Bering Strait Project

by Richard Freeman

Zepp-LaRouche Led Drive for Land-Bridge

Henry Carey’s Worldwide Land-Bridge

Specifications for the Bering Project

An interview with Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr.


LaRouche Tells Bush: Only Diplomacy Can Avert World War III  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Korean model of diplomacy, which is currently making progress, could show the way for defusing the danger of a U.S. strike against Iran.

Kucinich Files Cheney Impeachment Resolution, But Dems Flunk the Test

by Edward Spannaus

Kucinich Resolution To Impeach Cheney

The Cheneyites and the Killer-Trainer Lobby  

by Anton Chaitkin


Bailout, or Regulated Writedown? Securitizers Who Made Housing Bubbles Now Hide Big Losses  

by Paul Gallagher

The implications of the mortgage blowout for the U.S. and world financial system are leading the Fed and others to try to paper over the problem. It won’t work.

Foreclosure Tsunami, McMansions ‘Underwater’  

by Paul Gallagher

Danish Debates Re-Magnetize Germans

by Rainer Apel


The Ethanol Hoax: Al Gore Is Selling, But Ibero-America’s Not Buying

by Dennis Small

Gore’s policy of pushing racist genocide, under the guise of dealing with global warming, is undergoing a stunning series of setbacks throughout the Americas.

Bush Lies, LaRouche Tells the Truth

by Dennis Small

Boris Yeltsin: President During Tragedy for Russia

by Rachel Douglas

Let Us Stop France From Becoming a Police State!

by Jacques Cheminade

Jacques Cheminade, the leader of the LaRouche-affiliated Solidarité et Progrès party in France, issued this statement from Paris after the national elections April 22 in an effort to prevent right-wing neo-con Nicolas Sarkozy from becoming President in the May 6 run-off election.

Ségolène Royal: Our Only Thinkable Choice  

by Jacques Cheminade

The French Solidarité et Progrès party is distributing 100,000 copies of this leaflet, beginning April 23, 2007.


Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr.

Hal Cooper, Ph.D., a transportation consultant, is a longtime advocate for an intercontinental railroad connection across the Bering Strait, and for development corridors on key routes in the Americas, and worldwide.



by John Hoefle

Globalization Is Fascism


The Issue Is Genocide