Volume 34, Number 27, July 6, 2007


LaRouche to Speaker Pelosi: BAE Scandal Demands Cheney Impeachment Now!  

Lyndon LaRouche, in response to revelations that Vice President Cheney is behind the unsuccessful effort to cover up the $80-100 billion criminal slush fund run through the British arms cartel BAE Systems, stated that some of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s friends “will rant and rave that British imperial asset Dick Cheney must be kept in place, but Cheney’s role in the recently bungled BAE coverup makes him a prime candidate for early removal from office.”

The BAE Systems Affair and the Anglo-Dutch Imperial Slime Mold  

by John Hoefle

BAE, Baroness Symons, in Black Operations Against LaRouche  

by Anton Chaitkin

John Train and BAE

Crown Agents: The British Monarchy’s Direct Links to BAE

by Dean Andromidas

Reprinted from EIR’s 1997 Special Report “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor.”


LaRouche Challenges Youth: Make a Revolution in Science  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In an address to a LaRouche Youth Movement cadre school, in which young people on four continents participated, Lyndon LaRouche challenged them to take up the most fundamental principle in physical science: the inifitesimal, “the most powerful force in the universe.” The unique historial role for this new generation, LaRouche said, is “to guide the changes which must occur in society, if society itself is to survive.”

Welcome Adventurer!

A small group of LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) researchers, known as “The Basement Team,” since they are operating from the basement of a farm in Northern Virginia, presents a preliminary report on their investigations into the most crucial breakthroughs made in scientific method.

How the Venetians Tried To Erase Kepler From Science: Empiricism as Anti-Creativity

by Peter Martinson

LYM member Peter Martinson describes the scientific environment at the time that German scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss made his famous determination of the orbit of the asteroid Ceres. It was a pitched battle between the adherents of Johannes Kepler, and the ideologues of the so-called Enlightenment.


LaRouche’s June 21 Webcast: A Turning Point in History and a Dark Day for Dick  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Edward Spannaus

LaRouche’s June 21 webcast triggered an avalanche of attacks on Vice President Cheney, which has destroyed what was left of his political career as a key thug-asset of London-centered financial circles; and a split between certain U.S.-based political factions and the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy.

Documentation: Leading GOP Senators Urge Iraq Disengagement: Excerpts from a speech by Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and a strategy paper by Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio).

Dick Cheney’s War Is Driving Troops Crazy

by Carl Osgood

Conyers, Moore Promote Universal Health Care

by Patricia Salisbury


International Attacks on BAE: The Real Target Is Cheney  

by Nancy Spannaus

A faction fight has broken out within the British Establishment over the BAE Systems scandal, and Dick Cheney is in deep trouble with his erstwhile London friends.

John Bredenkamp Puts His Foot In It  

The Editors reply to a letter from John A. Bredenkamp.

European Union: German Chairmanship Missed Crucial Issues

by Rainer Apel


Bear Stearns Funds’ Failure Opens the Door to Credit Crash  

by Richard Freeman

The failure on June 19 of two Bear Stearns hedge funds, linked to the subprime mortgage and Mortgage Backed Securities market, had Wall Street’s Plunge Protection team working behind the scenes to relieve the pressure.

New Pension Crisis Seen in Credit Markets Crash  

by Paul Gallagher

No Technical Limits to Bering Strait Project  

by Louis T. Cerny

Bush Nuclear Program: Technology Apartheid

by Marjorie Mazel Hecht



by John Hoefle

Blackstone Goes Public.

Book Reviews

Roosevelt-Stalin Correspondence Sheds Light on FDR Post-War Vision  

by William Jones

My Dear Mr. Stalin: The Complete Correspondence of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin, edited by Susan Butler, with a Foreword by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.


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