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Combatting Britain's New Opium War
by Jeffrey Steinberg

The stunning July 2, 2008 rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and three American hostages from FARC narcoterrorists in Colombia, was far more than a victory against that nation's longstanding narco-insurgency. The combined efforts of Colombia, the United States, and France delivered a serious blow to the British oligarchy's ``New Opium War'' program, a geopolitical scheme to spread chaos throughout the planet, inflict drug addiction on potentially billions of people, and generate trillions of dollars in black market revenue, laundered through Anglo-Dutch offshore hot-money havens like the Cayman Islands, the Dutch Antilles, and the British isles of Man and Jersey. This New Opium War is at the very heart of what Lyndon LaRouche has labeled the Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, which is now unraveling....

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The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism, by Stanislav M. Menshikov
March 23, 2007
—EIR News Service announced the publication of
The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism,
by Professor Stanislav M. Menshikov.

Translated from the Russian by Rachel Douglas, the book is an authoritative study of the Russian economy during the first 15 years after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The Preface, by EIR founder and contributing editor Lyndon LaRouche, titled, "Russia's Next Step," poses the need for U.S. policy-makers to study and grasp the "disease" presented in this book, since it represents "an economic global pandemic which we must all join to defeat."





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