From Volume 7, Issue 27 of EIR Online, Published July 1, 2008

Western European News Digest

Who Wants To Create a Hot, Violent Summer in Europe?

June 23 (EIRNS)—In the midst of the biggest economic-financial breakdown in history, a push for potentially violent "peace activities" is apparently being set into motion now in Europe. A February report by the U.S. Air Force about security failures at nuclear weapons sites in Europe is making headlines in Germany, after the 118-page report was posted on the website of the Federation of American Scientists, and the German neocon magazine Focus, had reported it. According to the report, the security of U.S. nuclear weapons depots has become lax, purportedly because older soldiers who were more skilled in handling nuclear material are going into retirement.

There are seven sites, with 200-350 nuclear bombs all over Europe. One of them is in Büchel, where the German Army has an Air Force depot. Peace activists are said to be preparing a mass demonstration in Büchel for Aug. 30. Politicians from the Free Democratic Party, Greens, and Left Party have demanded a complete withdrawal of these weapons from European and from German soil.

This kind of development feeds very well into the reported activation in the Czech Republic and Poland against installation of the U.S. missile shield/radar systems. The Czech government could actually fall on this issue (see below). The political parties which are against the U.S. deployment there are the same ones defending the Lisbon Treaty. One of the arguments among leftists in Europe has been, that European defense should supersede American military presence in Europe, and that therefore the Lisbon Treaty is a good thing.

Why is the report being published now? It could serve very well to divert attention from the mobilization against the Lisbon Treaty, creating a potential for violent clashes in Europe, paralyzing governments in the midst of the need to find a real solution for the economic breakdown avalanche.

Czech Opposition Demands Referendum on U.S. Missile Radar

June 20 (EIRNS)—The Czech opposition has gathered over 100,000 signatures in support of a proposal to hold a national referendum on the stationing of a U.S. early-warning radar in the Czech Republic, an opposition spokesperson said yesterday. Spokeswoman Ivona Novomestskà also said the opposition is preparing a protest rally in the center of Prague upon U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's arrival on July 9-10. Roughly two-thirds of the Czech population are against the radar plans, according to an April opinion poll.

There is also considerable opposition to the deployment plan in the parliament, with the leading opposition force, the Social Democratic Party, demanding a public discussion on the issue.

Soros and the British EU 'Liberal Empire' Project

June 26 (EIRNS)— The European think-tank ECFR (European Council on Foreign Relations) yesterday issued a statement on its website, signed by its founders, including George Soros, which calls for a continuation of the imperial British-led EU-project, despite the setback of the Irish vote against the Lisbon Treaty. The call was also published on the Letters page of the London Guardian, ABC of Spain, and Serbia's Dnevnik, under the title "The EU cannot afford to become a symbol of weakness or decline."

The ECFR, founded in October 2007 by Soros and former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, is a "Who's Who" of the British "liberal" empire ("limp") faction, and its collaborators worldwide, which aims to create a worldwide revival of the British Empire, using the EU as a battering ram, with Soros as the henchman for both U.S. and European operations.

Al Gore's Genocide: EU Ministers Ban Farm Chemicals

June 25 (EIRNS)—On June 23, as 10-20% of U.S. corn and soybean crops had been lost in floods, the European Union agreed on another insane policy run by Anglo-Dutch "free trade" globalizers: Try to ban the use of pesticides in agriculture.

The new EU bill would prohibit the marketing and use of substances, based on the ideological concept of "hazard" instead of "risk." (For example, wine is hazardous if ingested in large quantities, but presents no risk in moderate quantities.) Four countries—Ireland, Hungary, Romania, and Britain—abstained, arguing that such a decision, leading to reduced crop yields in a time of food crisis, is wrong.

The European Crop Protection Association issued a statement blasting the EU decision, calling for an independent impact assessment of the key measures before a final decision is taken. The ECPA said the measures will lead to more expensive food and to an increase of imports.

France Farm Sector Killed the WTO Doha Round

PARIS, June 22 (EIRNS)—A Reuters wire dated June 20 confirmed what two top sources in the French farm sector have told us: French opposition killed the World Trade Organization's Doha Round in order to save the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Six weeks ago, when French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier said that the CAP could serve as a model to achieve food security for Africa and Latin America, the London Financial Times told its readers that if the Doha Round failed, the blame should fall on France. Helga Zepp-LaRouche's call for doubling world food production, and the international mobilization for her policy, provided the required extra leverage to get the French to pull their act together.

Synarchist Martino Attacks Tremonti; Defends Speculation

June 24 (EIRNS)—Antonio Martino, the former defense minister in Italy's previous Berlusconi government, partner of Michael Ledeen, and member of the Mont Pelerin Society, attacked Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti's war against commodity speculation, with an article in the daily Libero entitled "Dear Tremonti, I say: long life to speculators." Martino writes that speculation "is not at all negative." "The only way in which you can earn in this world is to buy cheap and sell dear...." Speculators on the future market merely anticipate future prices, forcing us to move early in the search for remedies. "Once again, we are dealing with a socially beneficial activity: speculators, by becoming rich, act in our interest as well."

Martino is the son of Gaetano Martino, a liberal politician who was key in starting the European super-state in 1955. As Italy's foreign minister, he organized the "Messina Declaration" in 1955: a meeting of six foreign ministers who decided to found a European Community organization based on a "European Common Market free of internal duties," to be reached in stages.

Italian Parliament To Question Kissinger on Moro Death

June 26 (EIRNS)—Just one week after Lyndon LaRouche intervened in Rome on the subject of Henry Kissinger's role in the assassination of Italian statesman Aldo Moro (1978), the Parliament Intelligence Oversight Committee (Copasir) announced that it will question Kissinger personally on the Moro case. Francesco Rutelli, head of the committee, said that Kissinger has accepted a request to speak before the committee, and a hearing will be held on June 30. "We will submit written requests to the former State Secretary and we will see what his answers will be."

According to witnesses, Kissinger had threatened Moro, at a meeting in Washington in 1976, with a "bad end" unless Moro stopped his dialogue with the Italian Communist Party. On March 16, 1978, the day a government based on Moro's policy was to be approved by parliament, Moro was kidnapped by the terrorist Red Brigades. He was killed 55 days later, on May 9.

Italian Opera Commissioned on Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'

June 25 (EIRNS)—At his May 28 Milan press conference to announce the 2008-09 opera season, La Scala's director Stephane Lissner announced that the world's most famous opera house has commissioned a work based on Al Gore's global warming propaganda movie "An Inconvenient Truth." The work is to be set to music by Italian composer Giorgio Battistelli, reported Le Monde on June 3. According to Lissner, former Italian Culture Minister Francesco Rutelli had asked him to reflect on something exceptional for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian unity.

Even the Wall Street Journal couldn't resist headlining its coverage, "The Fat Man Sings."

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