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A New Dark Age Is Now Near:
Today's Brutish Imperialism
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 18, 2008

The following report may come to be considered by some among the world's leading circles of today, as the most important political document you have read, or might have read, during your lifetime to date. Certainly, the strategic issues presented here provide what would have been heretofore the most important subject in the world's historical experience of modern European civilization.

You stand here and now, in this moment of world history, between the hope of Heaven and prospect of Hell, such as you have never even dreamed before.

However matters of that sort, with which we deal in this report, are to be seen, it were suitable that there be no harsh battle-cries, but what must be said, in those quiet tones of morning of the day the greatest war was to begin. It is not the wild passions of the drunken mob, but the chillingly quiet cadences with which the cavalry man steadies his mount, and commanders calm their charges at times when the unthinkable is, at last, finally, actually to begin....

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The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism, by Stanislav M. Menshikov
March 23, 2007
—EIR News Service announced the publication of
The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism,
by Professor Stanislav M. Menshikov.

Translated from the Russian by Rachel Douglas, the book is an authoritative study of the Russian economy during the first 15 years after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The Preface, by EIR founder and contributing editor Lyndon LaRouche, titled, "Russia's Next Step," poses the need for U.S. policy-makers to study and grasp the "disease" presented in this book, since it represents "an economic global pandemic which we must all join to defeat."


  • A New Dark Age Is Now Near:
    Today's Brutish Imperialism
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'At present, the popular, but utterly incompetent notion, among professed socialists and others, that the U.S.A. 'is the world's leading imperialism today,' is not only an utterly wrong idea, but a belief which could be presently suicidal in actual practice for nations such as the U.S.A., Russia, and others, today. Nonetheless, that wrong idea is a belief among many leading economists, statesmen, throughout the world, who cling stubbornly to the notion of American imperialism, still today. Thus, the world is presently menaced by the effects upon the credulous, of that strategic delusion, the delusion that it is the U.S.A., rather than the British Empire's Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, which is, uniquely, the dominant, actually imperialist strategic force operating throughout the planet today. Indeed, each of the impassioned haters of the U.S.A. among even our citizens, and others abroad, even leading political figures, is a product of the fact that they are virtually, either unwitting, or more or less witting British agents against our United States, whether they are able to grasp that fact, or not. A similar delusion is met among many in Russia, still today.'




  • Roosevelt's Response to the 'Banking Crisis':
    How FDR Asserted the Power of Government over Wall Street

    Instead of bowing to pressure for a bailout of financial paper or 'injections of liquidity' into a frozen banking system, President Franklin D. Roosevelt went right at the power of the financier oligarchy which had brought on the crisis in the first place. To accomplish this, he asserted the power of the Constitution over banking and finance, while taking steps to recreate a locally based system for the distribution of government-issued credit to get the economy moving again.

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