From Volume 7, Issue 46 of EIR Online, Published Nov. 11, 2008
Africa News Digest

See InDepth this week for two articles on Africa:

Soros-Man Organizes A New Genocide in Congo, by Douglas DeGroot:

Nov. 7—The London-based financial cartel has seized upon the flare-up of an anti-government rebellion, and resultant humanitarian crisis, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.) province of North Kivu, as a pretext to target the sovereignty of any African nation that stands in the way of Brutish imperial designs....

London Uses ANC Split Against South Africa, by David Cherry:

Nov. 4—The thousands of attendees at a national convention in Johannesburg Nov. 1—called to solidify support for a new party that will split the ruling African National Congress (ANC)—cheered and chanted when Helen Zille, leader of an existing, pro-British opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), came to the rostrum. Historically, the DA has been steered from London and is committed to "free enterprise."...

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