From Volume 7, Issue 51 of EIR Online, Published Dec. 16, 2008

Western European News Digest

Riots in Greece Point Toward Europe-wide 'Strategy of Tension'

PARIS, Dec. 8 (EIRNS)—Greece seems to be the test-tube for a revived "strategy of tension," using chaos and violence to make economic and political reform impossible. Riots are spreading from Athens to the rest of the country, after the police shot and killed a 15-year-old student on Dec. 6, when 30 rioters attacked a police patrol car.

The "strategy of tension," as EIR has documented, was used by the London-based financier oligarchy and its allies, during the 1960s and 1970s, to sow chaos in Europe's nation-states (notably Italy and Germany), and thereby block impulses toward national sovereign government.

The Greek Prime Minister tried unsuccessfully to calm the situation by promising that there would be "no indulgence" towards the policeman, who was immediately indicted for his act. Some 34 persons were wounded when masked rioters kept attacking police, and smashing shops and buildings belonging to state institutions.

This is an echo of the terror that swept Europe in 2001, with the riots at the Genoa G-8 meeting. It is clear that the terror networks, in Greece and out, were primed to go into action in response to their getting a "martyr."

A well-known "alternative" website called ("Like Don Quixote") has published an article entitled "Derivatives and the Revolt in Greece," which describes the economic crisis behind the riots, and then says, that if the world had listened to LaRouche, there would be no revolt today. "If LaRouche, [Italian Finance Minister Giulio] Tremonti and other scholars were listened to, probably the Revolt of Greece would end, and the Revolt of Italy would not go on. In fact the latter has already started, albeit not in a violent form, and for the same reasons as in Greece: usury and consequent cuts in spending."

Student Protest Spreads

PARIS, Dec. 11 (EIRNS)—Solidarity actions with the Greek student revolts are spreading throughout Europe:

Spain: Dec. 11, riots took place in Madrid and Barcelona, with 11 people arrested and several police wounded. In Madrid, 200 youth attacked a police station in the inner city and broke its windows, screaming "police killers."

Italy: In Rome and Bologna, five policemen and a soldier were wounded in clashes with protesters. In Rome, smoke bombs and red paint were thrown at the Greek Embassy. A small group went on a rampage in the historic center of Rome throwing stones at random. In Naples, 50 people demonstrated in front of the Greek consulate, and the Hellenic Institute in Venice was occupied.

Turkey: The Greek consulate in Istanbul was sprayed with red paint by several dozen anarchists.

Germany: On Dec. 8, a group of "antifa" radicals tried to storm the Greek Embassy in Berlin.

Bulgaria: Demonstrations took place in Sofia in front of the Greek Embassy.

France: Student protests have increasingly degenerated into violence since Dec. 8, when demonstrators attacked cars in Brest (Bretagne) and police responded with tear gas. Yesterday was the first day of action; on Dec. 16 there will be another.

Reporting on the 15,000 college students taking to the streets of France, and blocking over 30 high schools yesterday, the throwaway newspaper 20 minutes has on its cover a young female student raising her fist. An article worries about the presence of agent provocateurs, as the movement reportedly is getting highly radical and at great speed.

Germans Won't Pay British Losses

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—The banner headline in the London Independent is, "Germans turn the screw on Brown," which picks up on yesterday's attack on British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's stimulus package by German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck.

In reaction to Steinbrueck's attack, Brown tried to dismiss it as the former, a Social Democrat, simply playing German internal politics. He claims that the Christian Democratic Merkel really agrees with him since "almost every country around the world is doing what we have been doing."

In response to Brown, Steffen Kampeter, budget spokesman for the Christian Democrats, blasted Brown: "In questioning the British Government's approach, Peer Steinbrueck is exactly expressing the views of the German Grand Coalition. After years of lecturing us on how we need to share the gains of uncontrolled financial markets, the Labor politicians can't now expect us to share in its losses. The tremendous amount of debt being offered by Britain shows a complete failure of Labor policy."

According to The Mail, the Foreign Office confirmed that Sir Michael Arthur, Britain's Ambassador to Berlin, made an official call to the German Finance Ministry, where he formally "expressed disagreement" with Steinbrueck.

Other newspapers carry articles analyzing Germany's "more assertive position." The Guardian writes that this rift is just the latest of a long list, including NATO expansion, critical position of carbon credits—but the most important being its relations with Russia: "Most striking of all, Germany wants a close and special relationship with Vladimir Putin's Russia." Citing German exports to Russia and imports of Russian gas, the Guardian writes, "Berlin salivates at the prospect of a grand strategic bargain with Moscow that marries Russian raw materials with Germany's industrial might."

Soros's 'Harm Reduction' Proven Fraudulent

Dec. 7 (EIRNS)—The city of Amsterdam has exposed the fraud of George Soros's "harm reduction" theories, which claim that legalizing drugs and other illicit activity will reduce crime, while teaching people how to drug themselves "safely."

On Dec. 6, city officials announced their plans to close down marijuana cafes, brothels, and sex shops, to drive out the organized crime that has grown at a rapid rate around these activities. Drug dealers have been using peep shows, massage parlors, and "souvenir shops" to launder their money.

Tens of thousands of Britons flock to Amsterdam for their "stag" and "hen" parties, the Guardian reports today; they will be sorely disappointed by the announced measures. Supporters of the clean-up say that the marijuana shops and legalized prostitution mask the "violent reality of organized crime," the Guardian added. A city statement asserted that "by reduction and zoning of these kinds of functions, we will be able to manage and tackle the criminal infrastructure better."

"Money laundering, extortion, and human trafficking are things you do not see, but they are hurting people and the city," said alderman Lodewijk Asscher.

New BAE Investigation Opens

Dec. 12 (EIRNS)—The authorities of Switzerland and Liechtenstein have opened an official investigation against Fana Hlongwane, the official South African agent for BAE Systems, the British aerospace company that set up the massive Saudi slush fund run by Saudi Prince Bandar. This fund, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has been used to finance British-controlled intelligence and dirty operations.

This new investigation involves alleged bribes made to South African officials in the multibillion-dollar sale of military jet aircraft. Hlongwane is suspected of being the bag-man for the bribes. Five Swiss bank accounts linked to him have been frozen. This involved about $10 million. According to the Mail and Guardian, citing South African "Scorpion" anti-fraud police sources, this development is also linked not only to their own investigation, but that of the British Serious Fraud Office.

These accounts are linked to payments to Hlongwane by Arstow Commercial Corporation, whose board includes two British nationals, Alexander Roberts and Dr. Hugh Thurston, former personal advisors to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Also on the board is the Liechtenstein-based Johannes Matt.

Euro Ponzi Scheme Hits Soros Buddies at UBP

Dec. 13 (EIRNS)—The $50 billion ponzi scheme run by New York speculator Bernard Madoff had billions of dollars in funds controlled by the friends of British agent speculator George Soros.

The Geneva-based Union Bancaire Privée (UBP), according to leaks reported in the Italian website of Il Sole 24 Ore, is exposed for $1-2 billion in Madoff's ponzi scheme. UPB is not only one of the largest private banks in Switzerland, but it is the bank that investors have go to, to put their money into Soros's Quantum Fund. UBP has several large private customers, as well as institutional customers, including Pioneer Alternative Investments, controlled by the Italian bank Unicredit; the Man Group; and Optimal division of Banco Santander, Queen Elizabeth's favorite Spanish bank.

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