Volume 35, Number 4, January 25, 2008


LaRouche Webcast: Six Months Into the Greatest Ever Financial Crash  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche, in his keynote speech to a Jan. 17 webcast from Washington D.C., emphasized that the present crisis is not a mere financial crisis, nor a depression, but a global breakdown crisis, which, if not stopped, will radiate out from the Trans-Atlantic English-speaking community, “to bring every part of the world into a general breakdown of their respective social systems.” He characterized it as one of the most important moments in history since the 14th Century in Europe, with its new dark age, and said that none of the governments in existence today, has any efficient comprehension of measures to deal with this crisis. He asserted, however, that the crisis is manageable, and addressed the measures of control which the government of the United States and other governments must take now, if they’re going to save civilization, which he elaborated further in the question-and-answer period that followed.

World News

LaRouche: Israeli War Plans Against Gaza Are Insane  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Lyndon LaRouche warned on Jan. 17, that if Israel follows the advice that President Bush delivered during his tour of Southwest Asia, it would create regional chaos, and almost surely lead to the destruction of Israel. LaRouche identified such an all-out destabilization as fundamentally “Made-in-London,” in pursuit of the British policy of using “managed chaos” to create a “post-Westphalian” world system.

German Government Agrees To Put Schacht’s Policy Into Constitution  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche warns that, by agreeing to incorporate the EU demand to submit and enact balanced budgets into the German Constitution, the government coalition under Chancellor Angela Merkel is rendering itself incapable of carrying out an FDR-style solution to the economic crisis.

Brits Wanted Military Coup in Italy in 1976

by Claudio Celani

International Intelligence

The LaRouche Show: Clinton Campaign Pulls Nation Back from Brink  

Harley Schlanger interviewed LaRouche spokeswoman Debra Freeman and two leaders of the LaRouche Youth Movement on the LaRouche Show Jan. 12. The Internet broadcast focussed on the dramatic shift in the U.S. Presidential campaign resulting from Clinton’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, and on the push for an independent Presidential bid by billionaire, and fascist, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

City of London’s Wish Is Their Command

LaRouche’s HBPA Is ‘Uniting the Nation’  

by Ingrid Torres

City and state elected officials are responding more seriously than ever before to the LaRouche PAC’s call for a Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA).

Violent Video Games Incite Teen Violence

An interview with L. Rowell Huesmann.

National News


The Constitution, or Fascism  

by John Hoefle

The United States is now bankrupt, depending on multi-million-dollar injections by foreign institutions. The way to deal with the breakdown of the economy is to go back to the Constitution.

The ‘Next Domino’ Is Biggest: Derivatives

by Paul Gallagher

Schiller Institute in Denmark Testifies in Parliament on Financial Collapse  

by Michelle Rasmussen

Appearing before the Political-Economic Committee of the Danish Parliament Jan. 17, Schiller Institute chairman Tom Gillesberg testified that only by establishing a New Bretton Woods system could we avoid total chaos.

Documentation: Gillesberg’s testimony.

Eurasian Land-Bridge Enters a New Era

by Mary Burdman

Will Canada Choose the American System or Collapse With the British?  

by Rob Ainsworth

Now that Canada’s financial institutions are facing the same disaster as those of the rest of the world, if Canada is to survive, it must seize its national destiny of building a great continental nation.


L. Rowell Huesmann

Dr. Huesmann, of the University of Michigan, published “The Impact of Electronic Media Violence: Scientific Theory and Research,” after reviewing more than 50 years of research on the subject.


Science & Religion: Life at an Atheist’s Funeral  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche tears into the fraudulent notion that religious belief is merely an arbitrary assumption, as advanced by John Allen Paulos’ Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don’t Add Up. This, LaRouche says, is premised on “the assumption of a radically reductionist version of digital deductive-inductive methods, which have no agreement with the characteristics of the human species.”

Lincoln’s Dilemma: Emancipation—When?

by Susan Welsh

Act of Justice: Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Law of War, by Burrus M. Carnahan.