Volume 35, Number 22, May 30, 2008


Science in its Essence: On the Subject of ‘Insight’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche has recently emphasized the importance of the concept of “insight” for understanding the mechanisms of evil which characterized the most notable writings of the leading Fabian Society figure H.G. Wells. Here, LaRouche returns “to that notion of insight for conceptualizing the root-causes of the present plunge of world civilization, into the prospect of an immediate new dark age of mankind, a prospect caused by the role of the same standpoint of Wells in his threatening the planet as a whole, with what has now become its currently accelerating plunge toward an abyss.” The solution to this crisis lies in grasping the essence of what distinguishes the human being from the beasts.


The End of Free Trade: Revolt Begins Against British Policy  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Fourteen political leaders in Europe have signed an open letter demanding a new set of rules for the international financial system, and calling for a “reconsideration” the globalized economic system. Russia and other nations are also signalling that they will defend themselves against the British Empire’s free-trade policies.

Documentation: “Putin Vows, Russia Will Become a Food Exporter,” “Egypt’s Mubarak Will Take Biofoolery to FAO,” “Kirchner: Argentina Could Feed 500 Million People.”

Australia’s CEC Issues Call on Food Crisis

Posturing in the Congress: Ankle-Biting the Genocidalists  

by John Hoefle

Hearings were held to investigate the soaring prices of oil and food, but the real cause of the problem was ignored: the collapse of the global financial system.

NFO Leader: Stop Cartel Destruction of U.S. National Food Capacity

An interview with Frank Endres.

U.S. Leaders: Double World Food Production!

The Shock Front Has Hit: Remittances Plunge; Millions Will Starve in Mexico

by Dennis Small

Luege Tamargo: WWF’s Hitman Against Mexico

by Gretchen Small


New Russian Leaders Turn To Economic Security, Eurasia  

by Rachel Douglas

Prime Minister Putin and other members of the new governing team in Russia made dramatic presentations which point up the potential for Russia’s actions to help shift the world decisively in the direction of peace through development.

A Victory for Lebanon and for Peace in Southwest Asia

by Christine Bierre

LaRouche Cites Turkish Role in Diplomacy

Iran Makes Proposals for International Cooperation

We Need a Dialogue for Peace Based on Ethics and Justice

An interview with Dr. Mohammed Reza Khatami.

Anglo-Dutch Plan To Carve Up Sudan

by Douglas DeGroot

U.S. Investigation Takes Direct Aim at Anglo-Saudi ‘Al-Yamamah’ Pot of Gold

by Jeffrey Steinberg


Democratic Presidential Race: ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

Hillary Clinton’s continued command of the popular vote and her stated intention to stay in the fight for the nomination, coupled with the fact that the reality of this global financial and economic catastrophe will be clear to all by the time of the Democratic Convention in August, indicates that those who are counting her out, may end up being wrong.

LaRouche: Financial Crash Will Dominate Election  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Will Obama Reject the Pinochet Team?

Beyond Appeasement: The Bush Family’s Funding of Hitler

Excerpted from George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Anton Chaitkin and Webster Tarpley.

Canadian Polar Bears Not ‘Endangered’

by Gregory Murphy

Casualty of War: Has NASA Lost Its Mind?  

by Dennis Mason


Frank Endres

California farmer Frank Endres farms in Tehama County in the northernmost part of the Sacramento Valley, raising cattle, producing barley for dairy feed, and growing other crops.

Dr. Mohammed Reza Khatami

Dr. Khatami, a physician and Iranian political leader, is the brother of former President Mohammed Seyyed Khatami. He was elected as a Member of Parliament from Tehran (receiving the highest number of votes ever in the city), and was, for four years, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. He helped to establish the Mosharekat Party, after his brother won the 1997 Presidential election.

In Memoriam

A Westphalian Life: Msgr. Elias El-Hayek

by Nina Ogden


In last week’s issue, the article “Britain’s War vs. the de Gaulle-Adenauer Common Agricultural Policy,” had an error on page 31. The quote from a French Senator should have said that “the British producers, in essence, get their income from ‘deficiency payments’ (a mechanism of direct aid given when market prices are lower than production costs)” (emphasis added).