From Volume 8, Issue 9 of EIR Online, Published Mar. 3, 2009
Africa News Digest

ICC Warrant Is a Fraud Designed To Weaken Government

Feb. 27 (EIRNS)—High-level Sudanese sources have today revealed that John Prendergast, a well-known opponent of the Sudan government, who passes himself off as a defender of the population Darfur, has indicated that if President Omar al-Bashir would agree not to run again in the election scheduled for later this year, the impending charges by the International Criminal Court (ICC) could be made to disappear.

The sources indicated that the goal of the ICC assault against Bashir is to create chaos in the country, which would facilitate the separation of South Sudan and other regions, from the nation.

These revelations expose the widely circulated lie that the purpose of the ICC indictment is to bring accountability for alleged crimes of genocide in Darfur. Now that the true intent of the ICC indictment has been revealed—to oust President Bashir, and weaken the Presidency of Sudan—all leaders, especially those in the U.S government should act immediately to quash the expected ICC initiative.

The ICC is being used to prevent the Sudan nationalist government from carrying out a nationwide development strategy which would unify the disparate segments of the country, and instead return to the conditions that prevailed under British colonial rule.

These revelations are a further indication, as charged by Lyndon LaRouche on Feb. 19, that the ICC, funded by the world's top drug pusher, George Soros, is merely a tool of Britain's Mark Lord Malloch-Brown, Minister of State in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on behalf of the London-based Anglo-Dutch imperial financial cartel.

LaRouche added: "There should be no recognition of the ICC. It's a complete violation of international law. The people who are pushing it should be questioned as to their morals and sanity. This very indictment is a crime against humanity, and the sponsors of the indictment should be brought to trial by some suitable agency."

LaRouche: ICC Guilty of Human Rights Violation if it Indicts Sudan President

Feb. 26 (EIRNS)—With an indictment of Sudanese President Bashir by the ICC expected as early as March 4, Lyndon LaRouche today issued a strong denunciation of such a nullification of national sovereignty as a human rights violation.

LaRouche pointed to speeches made by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999 and 2004, in which he attacked national sovereignty of nations, and put forward an imperial doctrine justifying intervention into the sovereign affairs of other nations, as the basis for the ICC attack on President Bashir.

LaRouche: Abolish the International Criminal Court Now!

Feb. 23 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche issued a call today to immediately disband the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is planning to issue an indictment against Sudanese President Bashir as early as March 4. "Disband the ICC. Disband it!" LaRouche said. "Its existence itself is a crime against humanity—because it disregards the principle of the sovereignty of nation-states."

LaRouche characterized the ICC action against the Sudanese President as a British Foreign Office/George Soros dirty operation. The ICC move has been denounced by both Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and by Pope Benedict XVI, as being a dangerous precedent which will make matters worse in Sudan.

But LaRouche said it is urgent to abolish the Soros-created sham court completely—and to do it now.

"Maybe the ICC really stands for 'I'm for Coke and Cannabis,'" LaRouche said. "You don't believe it? Look at who's the big backer: George Soros. The world's biggest drug pusher is running the ICC. Maybe the ICC should be investigated for dope pushing? It's certainly in violation of the principle of sovereignty for nations. It should be disbanded and held in contempt by all decent people on the planet.

"The ICC is contrary to the whole principle of the United Nations, in particular. It's a completely British asset; and worse than being simply British, it's overtly an asset of the international drug pushers. And therefore the question is: Should perhaps the ICC personnel be investigated for their complicity with international drug pushers, such as George Soros? The ICC is in complicity with him. Maybe it is an accomplice of drug pushers, and maybe the ICC is a criminal association. It certainly is an unconstitutional one—it's against the principle of sovereignty of nation states."

Guinea Cracks Down on Dope, Inc. to Consternation of London

Feb. 28 (EIRNS)—Officials of the West African nation of Guinea announced yesterday that five senior police and administration officials were arrested Feb. 26 for drug trafficking, according to an AFP report. One of those arrested, Ousmane Conté, is the son of the former head of state, Lansana Conté, who died Dec. 23, 2008. Ousmane confessed to being involved in trafficking cocaine, but said that he was not the ringleader.

London's Financial Times today joined ranks with Dope, Inc. when it said that "Human rights groups are concerned about extra-judicial tactics" by the government. The world's leading drug pusher, George Soros, is also a big funder of groups who claim they are fighting for human rights, but who do nothing to facilitate economic development, which would alleviate poverty and suffering.

London's imperial financial cartel has been at the forefront of moves to isolate the Guinea government, and is claiming that the present government, headed by Moussa Dadis Camara, carried out a coup d'état when it took control after President Conté died. According to high-level African sources, Camara and his associates, fearing a repeat of the 2007 countrywide anti-Conté unrest by the poverty-stricken population, formed a government after Conté's death to ensure a peaceful transition after Conté's death. Elections have been announced to take place later this year, between October and December. The U.S. State Department has bought into the BBC's characterization of Camara's move into a power vacuum as a coup, and has cut off aid to the impoverished country.

Lansana Conté had ruled the country for 24 years. The new administration, headed by Camara, has been rounding up suspected drug traffickers, many of them reportedly connected to Conté's family, or high-level officials in his government.

Guinea is one of several West African countries that have been victimized by an explosive growth in drug smuggling, involving especially cocaine from South America, to a growing market in Europe. The smugglers corrupt leading military and law enforcement personnel to open up these nations for their smuggling activity. Those arrested in Guinea included the former head of the Central Anti-Drugs Office, a former director of Interpol Guinea, the former interior and security minister, the ex-chief of urban security in the capital, Conakry, and the state prosecutor in one of the capital's suburbs.

London places a high priority on allowing George Soros and his cohorts to run the global drug cartel. Will Guinea have to allow free rein to drug smugglers to gain the approval for development aid?

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