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From Volume 8, Issue 15 of EIR Online, Published Apr. 14, 2009

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President Obama's 'Narcissus Syndrome'

Because of the sensitivity of certain questions which I'm going to address today, I have restricted myself in the opening to following a certain script, to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Because, it will be obvious to you, as I proceed, that some very sensitive questions about the state of mind of the President have come up, and they must be addressed, because we can not understand the situation or discuss it, without taking these issues of state of mind into account. And you have to be precise. I'm not saying the President is insane. I'm saying he has certain limitations which affect his ability to judge certain things.

Therefore, we have to understand the President's limitations: that he seems very bright, he seems very capable, but a lot of matters which he deals with, he hasn't got a clue of what he's talking about. And that's one of the big problems....

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