From Volume 36, Issue 47 of EIR Online, Published Dec. 4, 2009
Africa News Digest

British Predict More African Civil Wars; Shift Blame to Climate

Nov. 28 (EIRNS)—Advocates of the British system of globalization are projecting a 50% increase in civil wars in Africa by 2030, wars which City of London financial interests hope will aid in perpetuating their imperial system. By blaming global warming, the British imperial interests are trying to create a smokescreen of supposedly objective reasons for the disasters that their policies have created in Africa.

This sophistry, which has been championed by the City of London's The Economist, is now being given credibility by a team of researchers from Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, New York University, and Harvard, who have issued a report which purports to scientifically prove that "Climate change could increase the likelihood of civil war in sub-Saharan Africa by over 50 percent within the next two decades...."

Conflicts over diminishing resources such as water and pasture land in areas presently afflicted by drought, such as Kenya, are said to be just the beginning of a "new era of climate-driven conflict in Africa."

The vice chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Kenyan Prof. Richard Odingo, said that Northern Kenya could become a repeat of the Darfur conflict, as drought leads to conflict between ranchers and farmers. Since at least 2006, Odingo has been an advocate of the view that poverty can't be solved until climate change is stopped.

The lack of economic development resulting from conditions imposed by the British, forces people into easily manipulated conflicts, whether or not they live in marginal areas, because they are desperate to survive, something the British and their academic lackeys blithely ignore in their propaganda.

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