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From Volume 36, Issue 49 of EIR Online, Published Dec. 18, 2009

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They Tried Nazis At Nuremberg, Didn't They?
by Nancy Spannaus

Dec. 14—As the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change (COP15) enters its decisive second week, the depopulation policies of Britain's Prince Philip, who, in his own words, wants to be reborn as a deadly virus in order to better assist in reducing the world's population by 80%, have now virtually been placed on the agenda in Copenhagen. One official after the other, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa Jackson, is putting forward the thesis that it is population growth which is causing the alleged threat of global warming—leaving one to draw the conclusion that it is by reducing population, that the problem could be resolved.

The argument itself is a fraud, just as much as that of Britain's Parson Thomas Malthus was two centuries ago, and as is the now-exposed pseudo-science behind so-called anthropogenic global warming. But the organizers behind the COP15 are determined to ram it through, by getting agreements for a de facto global dictatorship to police and reduce carbon emissions, until they reach the level of the ``pre-industrial'' age. At a pre-industrial level of technology, mankind's population must be reduced by billions—genocide! ...

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  • The Only Real Reform Measure Is the LaRouche Plan
    By addressing the economic/ financial crisis from the highest standpoint, the LaRouche Plan provides both the roadmap to lead the world out of this mess, and a standard by which to judge the efficacy of the various reform proposals that others are putting forward.


  • Shut Down Dubai's London/Saudi Drug and Terror Cesspool
    The publicity given to the Dubai government's refusal to bail out its own Dubai World company, a huge real estate and tourism enterprise, has obscured the real story: Dubai is the pivot for Afghanistan-based drug trafficking, a black market beyond black markets, which is controlled by the City of London and the Saudi financier elite. Michele Steinberg reports.



The LaRouche Show


  • Lord Christopher Monckton
    Lord Monckton, a leading international spokesman against the climate change hoax, was science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during the 1980s.
  • 12 Martin Durkin
    Mr. Durkin, of the United Kingdom, is the director of such widely viewed documentaries as 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' and 'Against Nature.'


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