Volume 36, Number 15, April 17, 2009


President Obama’s ‘Narcissus Syndrome’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“We have to understand the President’s limitations,” Lyndon LaRouche said in his April 11 webcast: “that he seems very bright, he seems very capable, but a lot of matters which he deals with, he hasn’t got a clue of what he’s talking about. And that’s one of the big problems. That’s why he’s so susceptible to misrepresentation and being misled by people close to him, especially among certain groups. And therefore, in covering that aspect of my presentation, I’ve restricted myself very tightly, to make sure there’s no wrong understanding of what I’m saying.”

We publish here the full transcript of the webcast, with a wide-ranging discussion period that reflected the deepening dismay of many policymakers: What is President Obama’s foreign policy, anyway? Why is he bailing out the banks just like Bush and Paulson tried to do, while unemployment rises and the real economy falls? LaRouche also dealt sharply with questioners who posed “debaters club” questions, while avoiding the crucial issue of political courage to fight fascism.


The ‘Economic Behaviorists’: Clean Out the Nest of Psywar Vipers Around Nero Obama  

by John Hoefle

A group of behavioral economists is shaping policy in the Obama Administration. They are merely the latest incarnation of a longstanding British Empire campaign to destroy the United States, and their origins are with the Tavistock Institute and the London School of Economics, and beyond that, to Jeremy Bentham and the Venetian Paolo Sarpi.

Lyndon LaRouche: We’ve Got a Problem: Obama’s Nero Complex

London’s Black-Ops Project

by Anton Chaitkin

The Behavioral Economics Roundtable, based at the Russell Sage Foundation in Washington, D.C., was exposed by Time magazine recently. EIR digs deeper, and finds that this project has been tightly organized and run jointly as a British-directed project since 1986 by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Russell Sage Foundation.

The Roundtable 29

MisBehavior in Russia

by Anton Chaitkin

Larry Summers and Andrei Shleifer.

The Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky Swindle

by Mark Bender

These two two Israeli behavioral psychologists started the cult of “behavioral economics.”

Paolo Sarpi: The Venetian Roots of ‘Behavioral Economics’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

World News

BAE Al-Yamamah Scandal Back in the Headlines

by Jeffrey Steinberg

PBS-TV’s Frontline aired an exposé of corporate corruption, focussing on BAE Systems, the giant British arms cartel, and its enormous “Al-Yamamah” barter deal with Saudi Arabia. But EIR, which has been following the story closely since 2007, has a much bigger tale to tell.

Europe: Industry Shuts Down, Unemployment Soars

Goodbye Global Warming: Deepest Solar Minimum in Nearly a Century  

by Gregory Murphy and Laurence Hecht

In the opinion of many specialists, the downturn in solar activity, as measured by the appearance of sunspots, likely marks the beginning of a prolonged cooling period. So much for such windbags as Al Gore and NASA’s James Hansen.


Ghost: ‘Swear!’