Volume 36, Number 23, June 12, 2009


Evidence for a New Nuremberg: Obama’s Nazi Health Plan  

by Nancy Spannaus

The President is determined to get the Nazi-style health policy of his advisors through in a matter of months. His “behavioral economist” advisors, denying that the health-care cuts are to pay for Wall Street bailouts, are using euphemisms as did the Nazis when they sent hundreds of thousands of Germans to their deaths: “action” for a “merciful death” for those for whom treatment would be “ineffective” or “futile.”

Obama’s Nazi Doctor Recasts Hippocratic Oath

by Tony Papert

From Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

A Preview of Obama’s ‘Reform’: Oregon’s Health Plan Will Pay for Euthanasia, Not Cancer Care  

by Nancy Spannaus

EIR Confronts Obama’s Nazi Doctors: Economic Advisors Admit: Obama Will Cut Social Security, Medicare  

A full transcript of a June 2 event in Washington, D.C., where Council of Economic Advisors chair Christina Romer presented a report on “The Economic Impact of Health Care Reform.”

A Formulary of U.S. Nazi-Medicine Terms

by Marcia Merry Baker

Documentation: The British Nazis in Their Own Words


An Unavoidable Duty: On Ricci vs. DeStefano  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche comments on the case of a New Haven, Connecticut firefighter who sued the city, when his promotion was blocked on the grounds that no minority candidates passed the qualifying test. Plaintiff Frank Ricci, who is white, passed; the city threw out the test. LaRouche draws the implications, concluding: “Unless the so-called health-care reforms presently proposed by President Obama are prevented, all talk of civil rights were an ugly farce in the tradition of Adolf Hitler’s Tiergarten-4.”

Ricci v. DeStefano: Facts of the Case

by Carl Osgood

‘Day of Reckoning’: Schwarzenegger Goes in for the Kill

by Harley Schlanger

Soros Crowd Behind Smears Against Murtha  

by Anita Gallagher and Jeffrey Steinberg

National News


Globalization and the ‘Auto’ Bailout  

by John Hoefle

U.S. taxpayers got very little for the $70 billion they paid for GM. But the “bailout” of the auto sector was never about saving auto production and jobs, but was part of the bailout of the bankrupt financial sector.

The Auto Bankruptcies: LaRouche Told You So

Oligarchy’s WWF Goal: Destroy South Africa  

by Douglas DeGroot

Destroying National Sovereignty: The Real Face of ‘Global Warming’

An interview with Lord Christopher Monckton.

South Korea Convinces Malaysia’s Prime Minister To Go Nuclear

by Michael Billington

North Korea: LaRouche Calls for U.S. Direct Dialogue  

LaRouche in Ukraine: Vitrenko Presents LaRouche’s Record

by Rachel Douglas

International Intelligence


Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is a leading spokesman against the global warming swindle, and has testified that the effects of passing any climate change legislation that includes a cap-and-trade scheme for carbon emissions would be genocidal for the poor.


A Scary Strategic Assessment