From Volume 37, Issue 2 of EIR Online, Published Jan. 15, 2010

Ibero-American News Digest

London Mobilizes Terror Against Colombia's President Uribe

Jan. 7 (EIRNS)—Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has launched an international mobilization against the "white-collar hit men and criminals" who provide logistics and publicity for the murderous FARC narcoterrorists, from the safety of their homes in Europe and other countries. Exemplary is the purported "documentary" now making the rounds, "The FARC: Insurgency of the 21st Century," released at the Argentine Film Festival last November, and scheduled to be shown next in Stockholm. The film portrays the FARC as innocent poor farmers.

The only thing the FARC plants are antipersonnel mines, President Uribe stated in a series of interviews this week. "They don't even grow coca. What they do is exploit peasants, making the peasants plant coca, and they make the money off the coca.... They kill peasants ... and now, with the help of some foreigners ... these executioners of the Colombian people want to pose as peasants." The international community must understand that FARC members "enslave Colombian farmers to destroy forests and grow coca, and if a farmer does not obey, they kill him." The Colombian government is now intensely engaged in searching out these "white-collar criminals" who aid these terrorists, he added.

The place to look is "Londonistan."

Leading the "white-collar" pack against President Uribe, is the City of London's Economist magazine. Presidential elections are to be held on May 30 in Colombia, and Uribe is considering running for his third term, to ensure that the routing of the FARC, which he has led, is carried to its conclusion. Should he run, no one disputes the fact that he could win overwhelmingly. So, on Dec. 30, the Economist, for the third time, threatened Uribe, charging that "politics is being held hostage" by the President, and he must renounce his reelection campaign now. It even raised the specter of Uribe being tried before the International Criminal Court should he not do so.

In the same Dec. 30 issue, the Economist singled out Tony Blair asset Juan Manuel Santos, as a preferred candidate for President of Colombia. Santos, from an historically Anglophile oligarchic family, brags that he is a personal friend of Blair's, and wrote an introduction to the Colombian edition of Blair's book, published as The Third Way: An Alternative for Colombia. Expecting Uribe to withdraw his candidacy, Santos resigned as Uribe's Defense Minister in May 2009, and promptly went on a long "vacation" in the United Kingdom, to prepare for the elections.

LaRouche on 'Brazil's Role'

Jan. 4 (EIRNS)—Provoked by a silly Dec. 31 Bloomberg wire promoting the Brazil-Russia-India-China group, named the "BRIC" by Goldman Sachs, Lyndon LaRouche, wrote the following note, titled: "Brazil's Role":

"While the BRIC is a useful instrument in its own right, the notion that there is any global weapon for avoiding a general economic collapse of the planet, without a leading role by the United States of America is a kindergarten-like fantasy. It is to be recognized as a delusion of potentially catastrophic short- to medium-term consequences for the planet as a whole.

"On the face of things, someone in Goldman Sachs's praise for the BRIC is either a delusion, or a far less than sincere tactical maneuver of the moment, a British attempt to thwart the measures which I have set into motion globally. It is well known to me through my well-grounded insight into the deeply corrupted role of certain persons well known to me from among some former associates, that British circles have adopted some of those "ex's" from inside Europe as British-owned "moles of record" influencing targets being approached as what London considers to be a useful sort of certain confused, ill-advised circles in Russia.

"As to the fact of the matter as posed by the Goldman Sachs posture, it is known that the destruction of the potential resistance to a British "one-world" fascist empire lies not only in certain patriotic circles to which I am party inside the U.S.A., but the destruction of the potential for independence on the Pacific and Indian Oceans side of Russia and Asia: the so-called "Eurasian complex" to which the U.S.A., minus certain political things such a certain son of a Nazi father and the son's British patrons, is attached by way of such places as Alaska, California, and the Pacific states, Washington and Oregon.

"The elimination of the U.S.A. as a factor in the present situation, would guarantee the doom, chain-reaction style, of every part of the world, including Russia, China, India, and Brazil."

Mexico Rings in 2010 with London-Dictated Shock Therapy

Jan. 6 (EIRNS)—Jan. 1 increases in the price of gasoline, diesel fuel, domestic gas, electricity, water, and other services in Mexico, accompanied by a 1% increase in the value-added tax on most products, are hitting the economy like a shock wave. Less than a week later, prices of sugar, corn, vegetables, fruits and other basic consumer items are estimated by Mexico City officials to have already risen by as much as 20% to 30%. Across the country, producers warn the increases will lead to generalized bankruptcy of what remains of Mexico's productive sector, along with mass hunger.

The Mexico City Chamber of Commerce projects that, in the first quarter of 2009, purchasing power will fall by 20% as a result, leading to the bankruptcy of 18,000 businesses and layoffs for 40,000 workers. The bread industry warned that bread prices must rise, given the 30% increase in their inputs. The price of tortillas in some of the country has gone from 8.50 pesos/kilo to 12 pesos.

Financial terrorism against the country by London and Wall Street forced the inclusion of this gouging of an already dying economy in the federal budget passed last November; the financial imperialists threatened the country would be cut off, and thrown into bankruptcy, were they not included.

Archbishop Martin Rabago of Guanajuato warned on Jan. 3 that the tax, fuel, and food price increases, coming on top of the overall economic crisis, can produce a "social explosion," since the great majority of Mexicans will be unable to meet their basic necessities of food, clothing and education, particularly, in the next three months.

The National Peasant Federation announced today that it is organizing other sectors to join them in a "mega-march" on Jan. 29 against the entire anti-human economic and social policy of the government. Other protests are popping up, often joined by desperate members of the Mexican Electricity Workers Union (SME), whose 44,000 workers were summarily fired in October when the government closed the Light and Power of the Center. LaRouche Youth Movement organizers warned the SME then, that that blow was ordered directly from London, and that only LaRouche's global Four Power strategy could stop Mexico's disintegration.

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