From Volume 37, Issue 8 of EIR Online, Published Mar. 5, 2010

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Japan Reverses Course: Nuclear Power To Battle 'Climate Change'

Feb. 25 (EIRNS)—The ruling Democratic Party of Japan had campaigned on a suicidal pledge to reduce CO2 emissions 25% by 2020. However, the three major business groups in Japan came out this week in an unprecedented attack on this policy, warning the government that it had better evaluate very carefully the attitude of all sections of the Japanese population toward the sacrifices involved. Other commentators, pointing out the vast strides being made by China and South Korea, said that Japan had better change its ways, fast.

In the initial draft of the government bill to implement the 25% cut, only no-growth technologies were mentioned, such as windmills and big batteries, and no mention of nuclear power. However, in the most recent version of the bill, the government has reversed itself to favor nuclear power over all other technologies.

"An anti-global warming bill the government is set to submit to the ongoing Diet session will call for the promotion of nuclear power generation as the core of its measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, government sources said.... However, a growing number of Cabinet ministers and other high-ranking officials have raised questions about the bill's failure to call for the promotion of nuclear power generation that does not emit carbon dioxide.... In line with the policy change, the government has decided to incorporate a clause that states, 'Necessary measures shall be taken to use nuclear power with the aim of contributing to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The clause will be placed ahead of another clause on the creation of an emission quota transaction system,' " according to the Mainichi Daily News.

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