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The Escape from Hilbert's `Zeta' `X':
Mapping the Cosmos!
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 4, 2010—There is a certain tendency which is, unfortunately, typical of modern classroom and related mathematics. This involves a trait which is likely to be noticed for its frequent occurrence among otherwise presumptively qualified secondary and university students and graduates. It is an acquired mental disorder known as ``positivism,'' a type of disorder expressed as a viciously systemic form of reductionism, notoriously common to certain types of university professors and their students.

It is occasionally appropriate to attack the symptoms of that mental disorder simply because it is a mental disorder with relevant practical implications for an individual person, or society generally. It becomes necessary to do so when the effect of the subject's mental disorder is a policy which is a specific threat of some kind to the welfare of mankind, as in this present report, on the subject of what is fairly identified as ``positivism.''

Positivism as such, is a mental problem whose common habitat includes ``science departments'' of secondary and university classrooms....

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The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism, by Stanislav M. Menshikov
March 23, 2007
—EIR News Service announced the publication of
The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism,
by Professor Stanislav M. Menshikov.

Translated from the Russian by Rachel Douglas, the book is an authoritative study of the Russian economy during the first 15 years after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The Preface, by EIR founder and contributing editor Lyndon LaRouche, titled, "Russia's Next Step," poses the need for U.S. policy-makers to study and grasp the "disease" presented in this book, since it represents "an economic global pandemic which we must all join to defeat."

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  • The Escape from Hilbert's 'Zeta' 'X':
    Mapping the Cosmos!

    Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. attacks the problem of positivism from the clinical vantage-point of Bernhard Riemann. 'The influence of the program of Hilbert and other modern positivists,' he writes, 'has tended to encourage results which have often impaired, and even reversed mankind's attempts at scientific progress. For precisely that reason, the time has now come for us, thus, to expose and to eliminate the pathological influence of positivist thinking from the economic and related policymaking of nations. 'On that account: the specific problem addressed here, is of the nature of a specific kind of barrier to progress in the domain of what is fairly identified here as 'Cosmic Radiation.' '
  • Kesha Rogers' Victory Signals the Rebirth Of a Mars Colonization Policy!
    Sky Shields investigates the challenges posed by cosmic radiation to our understanding of the universe, and our ability to becoming a truly spacefaring species.



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