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From Volume 37, Issue 16 of EIR Online, Published Apr. 23, 2010

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LaRouche's SDI:
The World That Should Have Been
by Jeffrey Steinberg

The current crisis in world affairs did not have to be. An alternative future was on the verge of coming into being in the early and mid-1980s; one that would have brought about a long period of explosive economic development, global cooperation in ending the sources of war, and a crushing defeat of the power of the British Empire. The crucial issue was the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), the Reagan initiative which had been crafted by Lyndon LaRouche, and which held the potential for shifting the strategic equation in favor of peace and prosperity. It was the rejection of that SDI which brought us into the current period of extreme danger.

If there is to be any hope of avoiding the current onrushing London-driven New Dark Age, the lessons of that earlier missed opportunity must be understood--and acted upon....

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