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Israeli Yahoos Have Run Out of Options

Obama Tried To Prevent Iran-Turkey-Brazil Agreement on Nuclear Swap

Colin Powell Smacks Obama on Iran Policy

London Times Fans Iran-Israel Confrontation

From Volume 37, Issue 22 of EIR Online, Published June 4, 2010
Southwest Asia News Digest

Israeli Yahoos Have Run Out of Options

May 31 (EIRNS)—In Jonathan Swift's classic, Gulliver's Travels, Lemuel Gulliver, in his fourth voyage, encounters the Yahoos, a race of vile and savage creatures, filthy, and with unpleasant habits, who, unfortunately, bear an absolute physical likeness to human men and women. The Yahoos are promiscuous, sadistic, cowardly, treacherous, and they have an absolute love of war.

Israel, under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Netan-yahoo), has once again displayed all of the characteristic traits of Swift's Yahoos. Early this morning, Israeli naval commandos boarded a flotilla of ships, carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. In the ensuing confrontation, at least ten of the peace activists onboard were killed, and scores of others were injured. The incident occurred in international waters. It caused an immediate international furor, with the Turkish government (the lead ship in the aid flotilla was flying a Turkish flag) calling in the Israeli ambassador, and recalling the Turkish ambassador from Tel Aviv. The United Nations Security Council convened an emergency session, the Arab League threatened to cut off all peace talks with Israel, and most European countries condemned the Israeli actions.

Netanyahu, traveling in Canada en route to a scheduled White House meeting on June 1 with President Obama, abruptly cancelled his Washington, D.C. visit, and raced back to Israel, issuing statements along the way, defending the Israeli commando actions, and accusing the humanitarian aid workers on board the ships of attacking the Israeli soldiers. Obama had a 15-minute telephone discussion with Netanyahu, in which he demanded a detailed account.

Briefed on these events today, Lyndon LaRouche observed that the Israelis have been playing these kinds of provocative games for decades, and they are no longer working. Netan-yahoo cannot accept that Israel's bargaining position is greatly diminished, and so he is trying to create absolute Hell in the Middle East. He may succeed. What's more, the range of options available to the United States is greatly limited by the fact that Barack Obama remains as the President of the United States, and is a puppet of a foreign imperial power, the British Empire. Remove Obama from office and a world of further options open up, options that can outflank and defeat the Yahoo-like behavior of the present Israeli leadership.

Obama Tried To Prevent Iran-Turkey-Brazil Agreement on Nuclear Swap

May 29 (EIRNS)—Obama is exposed throughout the world as a fool, liar, and narcissist in his nuclear policy. The Nuclear Summit he held at the White House in mid-April was useless; the Non-Proliferation Treaty agreement at the just-ended five-year NPT meeting at the UN, endorsed a Middle East Nuclear Free Zone, and demanded that Israel sign the NPT. Hit with protests from Israeli fascist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama tried, but failed, to have the mention of Israel removed.

Worst of all for British puppet Obama is the backlash against him for arrogantly pushing through sanctions against Iran at the UN Security Council immediately after Iran, Turkey, and Brazil signed an agreement to carry out the swap of Iran's low enriched uranium for more highly enriched uranium for Iran's medical reactor. It turns out that Obama had tried—during his April nuclear summit—to prevent the three-way agreement.

Obama's attempted sabotage has been exposed with the public release of his April 20 letter to Brazil's President Lula da Silva. A similar letter was sent to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. The letter to Lula references a meeting that Obama, Lula, and Erdogan had about "the provision of nuclear fuel for the Tehran Research Reactor (TRR)," and the intent of Brazil and Turkey to work out a solution.

Obama then writes, "I agree with you that the TRR is an opportunity to pave the way for a broader dialogue in dealing with the more fundamental concerns of the international community," regarding Iran.

"For us, Iran's agreement to transfer 1,200 kg of Iran's low enriched uranium (LEU) out of the country would build confidence and reduce regional tensions by substantially reducing Iran's LEU stockpile. I want to underscore that this element is of fundamental importance for the United States...."

Obama then retails a false version of the communications with Iran, since October 2009, asserting that Iran has completely refused to swap the LEU on the territory of any other country than itself, or even discuss it:

"There is a potentially important compromise that has already been offered," writes Obama. "Last November, the IAEA conveyed to Iran our offer to allow Iran to ship its 1,200 kg of LEU to a third country specifically Turkey at the outset of the process to be held 'in escrow' as a guarantee during the fuel production process that Iran would get back its uranium if we failed to deliver the fuel. Iran has never pursued the 'escrow' compromise....

"That is why I question whether Iran is prepared to engage Brazil in good faith, and why I cautioned you during our meeting. To begin a constructive diplomatic process, Iran has to convey to the IAEA a constructive commitment to engagement through official channels—something it has failed to do."

But as soon as Iran met all of those conditions, Obama went flight forward with the sanctions, and still insists on them, even after Iran formally notified the IAEA of the agreement on May 14.

Colin Powell Smacks Obama on Iran Policy

May 29 (EIRNS)—Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has become the latest senior veteran policy figure to smack Obama over his sanctions insanity against Iran. Powell, who endorsed Obama for President in 2008, suggested on ABC's "This Week," that the U.S. might have to live with Iran's enrichment program. Powell said he doesn't think the proposed sanctions cause "sufficient pain that will cause [Iran] to say, 'Gee, why didn't we realize we were so off on this and we're going to stop all of our nuclear program?' The nuclear program is there.... And I don't think they're going to give it up easily...."

"Maybe we have to accept [an Iranian] nuclear program that's designed strictly for power generation and for their medical research reactor," Powell said. U.S. intelligence sources have told much the same thing to EIR: that if Iran agrees to halt secondary enrichment, and stick to the 3% enrichment required for nuclear reactors, a deal can be reached.

London Times Fans Iran-Israel Confrontation

May 30 (EIRNS)—Today's London Sunday Times published an inflammatory story clearly aimed at escalating confrontation between Iran and Israel, on the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's scheduled (but now cancelled) June 1 White House meeting with President Obama. Under the banner headline, "Israel Stations Nuclear Missile Subs Off Iran," the Times' Uzi Mahnaimi claimed that Israel has now permanently positioned a submarine with nuclear weapons on cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf, ostensibly as a "deterrent" against possible Hezbollah or Syrian rocket attacks against Israel.

According to the Times, Israel now has three German-made submarines—Dolphin, Tekuna, and Leviathan—and one of the three, at least, will be in the Persian Gulf off the Iranian coast, at all times, for deterrent and intelligence gathering purposes. The subs will each carry nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, with a range of 1,500 kilometers. The subs are able to remain at sea for 50 days at a time, and can move at a depth of 1,150 feet below the surface, according to the Times account.

According to Mahnaimi, the submarine-launched cruise missiles would be used in an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear program. When Defense Minister Ehud Barak was in Washington recently, he delivered a classified Israeli dossier, with surveillance photographs, showing Hezbollah ostensibly taking a delivery of rockets capable of striking Tel Aviv. After initially buying the Israeli account, U.S. State Department and NSC officials later backed off the Israeli claims. Now, the fuller picture emerges, of the claimed Israeli sub deployments as part of a deterrent (sic) and potential first strike.

Among the issues that Netanyahu was to raise with President Obama on June 1 is that the United States did not block the final communique of the just-concluded United Nations conference on nuclear non-proliferation, which specifically singled out Israel, and called for Israel to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and dismantle or put its entire nuclear program under IAEA supervision. Netanyahu went ballistic when the U.S. failed to kill the final communique, and was not in the least satisfied with statements by National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones, who vowed that the United States would take no actions that would jeopardize Israeli security.

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