From Volume 37, Issue 24 of EIR Online, Published June 18, 2010
Russia and the CIS News Digest

Russian Prof.: Draw Lessons of 500 Years of British Enmity

June 11 (EIRNS)—Currently circulating on Russian-language Internet sites is a 12-minute clip from a recent broadcast by Prof. Igor Panarin of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, titled "London Shall Not Seize Moscow!" While the current state of Russian economic policy, including the legal registration of a large number of Russian corporations in British and related offshore havens, might suggest that the seizure had already taken place, Panarin's summary of 500 years of British enmity toward Russia is a carefully worded appeal for Russian leaders to "draw the lessons" of that history, and not be fooled again.

The interview also comes amid the considerable resonance of recent writings by Lyndon LaRouche and his EIR Online, issued in Russian, including "Free Russia from the Pirates of the Caribbean!—The Case of Arkadi P. Dvorkovich"; the EIR article "London's 'Our Men' Keep Poisoning Russian Policy"; and LaRouche's memorandum on British monetarist imperialism, sent to the June 9-10 Moscow conference on Afghan Drug Production (see InDepth, last week). These publications are reportedly being hotly discussed in Russian political circles.

Panarin reviewed Anglo-Russian tension from the time of English operations against Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Terrible) in the 16th Century, and especially after the late 18th Century, "when the Seven Years War had made Britain the world-ruling British Empire." He cited the famously reported reason for the British organizing the murder of Tsar Paul I in 1801, namely that Paul might really have been sending a Cossack force through Afghanistan into India.

World War I was identified by Panarin as the outcome of the British Round Table's scheme to dominate the world by destroying Germany and Russia. World War II, he said, began when the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's 1938 Munich agreement with the Nazis "sent Hitler East," but Panarin also cited Bank of England credits to the Nazis in 1934-40. On the Russian side, Panarin laid out the rarely mentioned fact that the British backed both sides in the 1918-21 Russian Civil War, in which 10 million died: White Army General Kolchak was "recruited by Churchill," while Bolshevik figure Leon Trotsky created the Red Army, with Robert Bruce Lockhart and Sidney Reilly of British Intelligence as his advisors. It was only the victory of "Bolshevik statists" under Stalin, against "Bolshevik globalists," that prevented the utter destruction of Russia in that period, he said.

Although Panarin incorrectly stated that the British Empire ceased to exist at the close of World War II, his most important remark conveyed that it really did not. Said Panarin, "London is the historical enemy of Russia, and London is also the contemporary one, because it is precisely in London that all the enemies of the current leadership of the Russian Federation have gathered. And, it seems to me that Russia needs to draw the lessons of this centuries-long geopolitical opposition. Take this example: during World War I, Russia provided its allies in the Entente with a million rifles and 5 million rounds of ammunition for combat at the front, but received nothing in return. And that was done deliberately, to achieve destabilization, such that 1915 was a year of stunning defeats for the Russian Army. And when Russia began to recoup ... and threatened British interests, British Intelligence agents carried out a successful operation to overthrow the Russian emperor; it is my view that the February [1917] Revolution was the fruit of British Intelligence operations."

Panarin maintains a high public profile as host of the Voice of Russia interview show "World Politics." He is most famous for his forecast that the U.S.A. will plunge into crisis and fragment in the Summer of 2010, but few in the West have reported that Panarin says the threats to the existence of the U.S.A. originate from London-centered financial interests, including "aristocrats who have held on to their fortunes for many centuries," and who intend to survive and retain power by destroying the United States.

At Istanbul Security Conference, Nuke Deal Announced

June 8 (EIRNS)—Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met today with Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan on the sidelines of a Eurasian security conference in Istanbul. AP reported the following from that conference:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced in Istanbul that Russia has committed to establishing a joint venture to operate Tehran's first nuclear plant. The Iranian Bushehr nuclear power plant is expected to come online by the end of the summer, after being delayed since 1975 for a variety of political reasons. According to Sergei Kiriyenko, chief of Russia's nuclear state corporation, Iran is only embarking on the path to peaceful nuclear energy and needs Russia's leadership to successfully implement its nuclear program. We have agreed that our experts will work as part of this joint company and maintenance of the station will be implemented by the staff of our two countries for the next few years, he says. Putin maintains that the launch doesn't violate the new sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN."

The idea that Russia will co-manage the Bushehr reactor with Iran throws a great big obstacle in the way of London's option to deploy "breakaway ally" Israel to launch military action against Iran, in the hope that a U.S.A. under British agent President Barack Obama will join Israel to "finish the job."

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