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Afghan Insurgency Escalates Before Big International Conference

Bibi Caught Telling The Truth

Iran Suicide Bombing Is British Directed

From Volume 37, Issue 28 of EIR Online, Published July 23, 2010
Southwest Asia News Digest

Afghan Insurgency Escalates Before Big International Conference

July 18 (EIRNS)—Insurgents are increasing their attacks on NATO forces, government officials, police, and civilians in Afghanistan, even as some 40 nations are sending their foreign ministers to the biggest "aid" conference to be held in Kabul since the 1970s. Today, a suicide bomber penetrated the purported new "ring of steel" around the Afghan capital to kill 4 and injure over 45 residents in a Kabul street frequently used by NATO convoys. In just two days, on July 20, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and the foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbor nations will arrive in Kabul. Another 30 or so international representatives, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, will also attend.

Security will be very tight for the conference itself, but this utterly fails to address the ever-rising violence across the nation. A report released today by the Kabul-based Afghanistan NGO Security Office, which monitors trends in violence for aid organizations, showed a 50% rise in Taliban attacks in the country over the last year, to over 1,300, and an almost 25% increase in attacks on civilians—by both sides. Most of the insurgent attacks are by roadside bombings, which are deadly to both troops and civilians.

Al Jazeera quoted Haroun Mir, co-founder and deputy director of Afghanistan's Centre for Research and Policy Studies, in Kabul today, saying that there is a huge risk that the July 20 conference could be disrupted by another suicide attack. "There is a high level of infiltration by the Taliban inside the Afghan security forces," Mir told Al Jazeera. "In a number of attacks, Afghan officers were involved in helping the Taliban and other terrorist networks in executing these attacks. This is something the Afghan security forces are unable to prevent."

Lyndon LaRouche today said that the security situation surrounding the Kabul conference is of grave concern to him, particularly given the fact that Hillary Clinton is personally leading the American delegation.

Also today, bombings killed at least 50 people in the area west of Baghdad, Iraq. The biggest target was a group of paramilitary Sunni Awakening fighters, who were lined up to get months-delayed paychecks outside a military base. Attacks on the Awakening fighters have increased sharply as U.S. forces have been drawn down in Iraq. A big role in fighting al-Qaeda forces in Iraq has been attributed to Awakening; now many of them are quitting due to rising casualties.

A senior U.S. intelligence source reported today that the boost in insurgent attacks in both Afghanistan and Iraq can be directly linked to an accelerated flow of money from fundamentalist networks in the Sunni Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia. Until and unless the United States seriously cracks down on the Saudi funding of Wahhabi fundamentalists, including the madrassas churning out tens of thousands of fundamentalist graduates every year, in the Gulf, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, no success can be expected.

Bibi Caught Telling The Truth

July 18 (EIRNS)—A just-released 2001 covertly recorded video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has gone viral on the Internet, and could have serious diplomatic ramifications, especially in light of President Barack Obama's recent ass-kissing of the Israeli PM in the Oval Office.

During a 2001 visit to the family of a recently slain victim of a Palestinian shooting, Netanyahu uncorked on the United States and on former President Bill Clinton, and boasted that he had killed the Oslo Accords. Netanyahu boasted, on camera, that he had lied, repeatedly, to then President Clinton, during his 1996-99 first term as Prime Minister, and had successfully and willfully killed the Oslo Accords. He ridiculed the United States, and described as "absurd" the claim that 80% of the American people support Israel. He also boasted that he had ordered the Israeli Defense Force to crush the Palestinian Authority, through brutal military operations, that would bend the PA to Israel's will—all the while lying to Washington about how he was implementing the Oslo Accords.

Ha'aretz columnist Gideon Levy denounced Netanyahu as a "con artist" and described the video comments as "outrageous, proving that Bibi was totally unrepentant."

Given Obama's shameless performance with Bibi at their recent White House summit, it remains to be seen what, if any, impact the video will have on the President. But, in his recent trip to Washington, Netanyahu had approached former President Bill Clinton, and asked him to travel to Gaza to negotiate with Hamas for the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. News reports from Egypt on July 17 indicated that Cairo is mediating negotiations to set up Clinton's travel to Gaza, perhaps with Jimmy Carter, to sit down and meet with Hamas leaders there.

The question arises as to whether the leaking of the video is part of a larger move, coming from within Israel, to dump Netanyahu. It is known that a growing faction within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment is worried that Bibi's behavior is going to thoroughly break up the U.S.-Israeli security partnership, which has grown significantly under Obama. Obama has made good on a 2007 U.S.-Israeli agreement to provide Israel with $30 billion worth of military hardware over the next ten years, gratis.

Iran Suicide Bombing Is British Directed

July 16 (EIRNS)—The British-directed narco-terrorists who are key in their Afghanistan drug trade, are targeting Iran, Turkey, and Syria, which three countries have been cooperating economically, strategically, and politically on an unprecedented scale. Turkey, in particular, has taken regional leadership in this regard and has been the target of attacks by the Kurdish narcoterrorists.

In Iran, two suicide bombers killed 27 people and wounded over 169 in the city of Zahedan, which is in Sistan Baluchistan province in Iran's southeastern region bordering Pakistan. The Baluchi separatist group Jundollah claimed responsibility, in revenge for Tehran's execution of its leader, Abolmalek Rigi, last month.

While some Iranian political figures have attacked the United States for being behind the attacks, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the attacks "in the strongest possible terms." "This attack, along with the recent attacks in Uganda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Algeria, underscores the global community's need to work together to combat terrorist organizations that threaten the lives of innocent civilians all around the world," Clinton said in a statement.

The real controllers are the British, through their sponsorship and control of the Afghan narcotics production and trade.

The Rigi clan, which controls Jundollah, set up by the British with the help of the Saudis, is a key player in trafficking opium and heroin from Afghanistan through Iran. Once the narcotics are brought into Iran, they go on to Europe by two routes. One is through the Iranian ports of Chah Bahar or Bandar Abbas and onto Her Majesty's "Hong Kong of the Middle East," Dubai. The other route goes through Iran and into Turkey, where the narcoterrorist Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) takes over and traffics the drugs into western Europe, while using the proceeds in their campaign of terror against Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

For the last several weeks, the PKK has launched attacks in Turkey from bases inside northern Iraq. According to the Turkish daily Today's Zaman, Turkey has been receiving unprecedented cooperation from both Syria and Iran, after Turkey convinced them that international powers are using the PKK against all three countries.

The Kurdish provincial government in northern Iraq has been cooperating with the Turkish authorities as well. In the past weeks, Syria has been conducting security operations, and has arrested over 400 terrorists, with 160 extradited to Turkey. Similarly, Iran has captured and killed numbers of Kurdish terrorists, and has extradited 19 to Turkey.

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