From Volume 37, Issue 29 of EIR Online, Published July 30, 2010
Africa News Digest

U.S. Sudan Envoy Gration Attacked for Criticizing ICC

July 22 (EIRNS)—A July 13 public criticism of the George-Soros-created International Criminal Court (ICC) by U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan, retired Air Force Gen. Scott Gration, was ridiculed today by the Washington Post, which characterized his comments as "off message"—i.e., not in line with the British-inspired policy of shutting off relations with the Sudan government, a line that is being toed by the White House and State Department. Gration is working to implement the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Sudan, which ended the North-South civil war there. The White House and State Department are calling for Sudan to fully cooperate with the ICC.

The day after Soros's ICC, on July 12, issued another arrest warrant for Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, this time alleging the charge of genocide in Darfur, Gration said that the ICC action "will make my mission more difficult and challenging, especially if we realize that resolving the crisis in Darfur and [the] south, issues of oil, and combatting terrorism at 100 percent, we need Bashir." He added, referring to the upcoming referendum on unity or secession in the South: "Also [regarding] the issues of citizenship and referendum, the north holds a lot of influence, so this is really tough. How will I carry out my duties in this environment?"

A referendum, scheduled for Jan. 9, 2011, in South Sudan to determine if the South secedes, or remains unified with Khartoum-based central government of Sudan is part of the CPA agreement.

In response to the attack on Gration, Lyndon LaRouche charged that the ICC is not a real court, but is privately funded by the British, via their puppet Soros, who has a nasty record and should be examined for his mental problems. In addition, the court is privately staffed. If it were a real court, said LaRouche, it would open Nuremberg-style trials, and put the British government and their puppet Soros on trial for their genocidal policies which will reduce the world's population from nearly 7 billion, down to 2 billion.

Citing a June ABC report, the Washington Post reported that Susan Rice, the anglophile U.S. ambassador to the UN, was already furious with Gration for his efforts to settle the Sudan crisis without violence, before he made his criticism of the ICC. Rice is a participant in the White House National Security Council.

"Why listen to the babbling of a Rice-ist?" responded LaRouche. He said she should also be put on trial, and put on the list of those to be recalled when Obama goes out.

The United States is the only country which has labelled the Darfur conflict as genocide. In addition, a 2004 UN commission of inquiry did not label the crisis there as genocide.

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