From Volume 37, Issue 37 of EIR Online, Published Sept 24, 2010

Ibero-American News Digest

LaRouche Sends Message to Bicentennial of Mexico's Founding

Sept. 19 (EIRNS)—The atmosphere at the celebrations of 200 years of the Mexico's Independence Sept. 16, was a strange mixture of the desire to celebrate in a big way with patriotic pride, and deep disillusionment over what is happening in the country, between the economic collapse and the drug cartels. Many Mexicans, despairing that there is nothing to celebrate, were upset that the government spent $40 million on the celebration, as the flooding in the southeast of the country left approximately 500,000 affected.

In the nation's capital, LaRouche organizers brought a fighting spirit to the celebrations, singing patriotic and well-known folk songs, some with new, polemical lyrics written for the occasion.

The following statement from Lyndon LaRouche, "On the Subject Of Mexico's Anniversary," was included on the 5,000-plus leaflets distributed that day:

"Mexico had been a proud and progressing nation until the U.S. administration of President Ronald Reagan capitulated to vigorous British pressures exerted by British interests and their North American accomplices, during May-September 1982, the British intention to crush Mexico's independence. Mexico has never recovered, to the present date, from the brutality of an assault assigned to the leading role of London tool Henry A. Kissinger. With Mexico's loss of its sovereign federal system of national banking, Mexico became indefensible until now.

"Until that 1982 rape of Mexico then, and since that time, is fully reversed, Mexico has no truly efficient sovereignty.

"This is not to suggest that Mexico's situation is a hopeless one. If the United States acts now, as it should, even for no other reason than in its own direct interests, it will lend efficient support to Mexico's efforts to regain its true sovereignty now. It is difficult for the people of any nation to obtain, or regain their true sovereignty, even with the support of strong neighbors, unless they themselves are efficiently determined to gain it for themselves.

"Therefore, the only visible opportunity for Mexico's patriots to regain the combination of both true independence and true economic recovery, lies presently in the possibility that the U.S.A. will soon replace a worse than useless President of its own, British puppet-President Barack Obama, launch a return to the Glass-Steagall reform by President Franklin Roosevelt, and the consequent launching of the outstanding project known as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA). The benefit to Mexico itself in those northern regions which will benefit most directly from NAWAPA, gives perfectly realistic hope of the rejuvenation of the economy and the personal life's opportunities of the population of Mexico as a whole, as also to Canada, for many generations of progress over the remainder of the presently young generation.

"The freedom of the people of any nation depends on its willingness as well as the opportunity to use those measures which assure the future prosperity and other expressions of true welfare and opportunities of its people over generations still to come. Such a movement, to such a purpose, once bestirred and unleashed, is the only truly practical expression of the meaning of the ideas of freedom and patriotism.

"I, for one, being the grandson of the American citizen Joseph LaRouche from Rimouski, Quebec who, before being killed by cancer in 1931, had hoped to spend the last years of his life in a Mexico whose beauty he admired, am committed to the promotion and the sovereignty of Mexico in 2010, as I was in the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 1982. Truly wise citizens have come to know, that it is the great passions which span a century-and-a-half, or more, which supply the roots of passion from which the immortal great achievements of future histories have often sprung."

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